Dyke or dike may refer to:

General uses

* Dyke (slang), a slang word meaning "lesbian" * Dike (geology), a subvertical sheet-like intrusion of magma or sediment * Dike (mythology), the Greek goddess of moral justice * Dikes, diagonal or side-cutting pliers, a hand tool used by electricians and others * Dyke (automobile company), established 1899


* A natural or artificial slope or wall to regulate water levels, called levee in American English * Ditch, a water-filled drainage trench * A regional term for a dry stone wall


* Dyke (surname) * Dyke baronets, a title in the Baronetage of England * Dykes (surname), a British surname found particularly in northern England



* Dike, Iowa, United States * Dykes, Missouri, United States * Dyke, Moray, Scotland * Dike, Texas, United States * Dyke, Virginia, United States * Dyke, Lincolnshire, England * Little Dyke, Nova Scotia, Canada


* Car Dyke, a Roman boundary ditch in Eastern England * Devil's Dyke (disambiguation), one of several ancient embankments or ditches (or both) * Foss Dyke, a Roman canal in England linking the River Trent to the River Witham at Lincoln * Offa's Dyke, historic earthwork dividing Mercia and Wales * Wansdyke (earthwork), dividing Wessex from the lands south west of it * Wat's Dyke, An earthwork running through the northern Welsh Marches from Basingwerk Abbey to Maesbury

Geological features

* The Great Dyke, a mineral-rich feature that runs through Zimbabwe * Mount Desire Dyke, an igneous intrusion in South Australia

See also

* Dyke & the Blazers, 1960s R&B group * Van Dyke (disambiguation) * "D-Yikes!", an episode of ''South Park'' * 99 Dike, an asteroid * Winter Dyke, another name for a clothes horse {{disambig|geo