Active may refer to:


* ''Active'' (album), a 1992 album by Casiopea * Active Records, a record label


* ''Active'' (ship), several commercial ships by that name * HMS ''Active'', the name of various ships of the British Royal Navy * USCS ''Active'', a US Coast Survey ship in commission from 1852 to 1861 * USCGC ''Active'', the name of various ships of the US Coast Guard * USRC ''Active'', the name of various ships of the US Revenue Cutter Service * USS ''Active'', the name of various ships of the US Navy

Computers and electronics

* Active Enterprises, a defunct video game developer * Sky Active, the brand name for interactive features on Sky Digital available in the UK and Ireland * Active (software), software used for open publishing by Indymedia; see Independent Media Center


* Thermodynamic activity, measure of an effective concentration of a species in a mixture. * Activation, in chemistry the process whereby something is prepared for a subsequent reaction * Active (pharmacology), the fraction of a dose of unchanged drug that reaches systemic circulation


* Active, Alabama, a community in the US * ''Active'', the original name of the early steam locomotive ''Locomotion'' No. 1 * "Actives", current members of fraternities and sororities * Active living, a lifestyle characterized by frequent or various activities

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