Zuwarah, or Zuwara or Zwara (Berber language: At Willul or Zwara, ) is a coastal Berber language, Berber-speaking city in Libya. Zuwara or At Willul is famous for its beaches and seafood. It is situated west of Tripoli and from the Tunisian border. It is the capital of the Nuqat al Khams Districts of Libya, district. Its population speaks Zuwara Berber, a Zenati languages, Zenati Berber language.


The settlement was first mentioned by the traveller al-Tidjani in the years 1306-1309 as ''Zwara al-saghirah'' ("Little Zwarah"). In a Catalan sailing manual (1375) it was called as Punta dar Zoyara. The town is mentioned by Leo Africanus in the 16th century. It later served as the western outpost of Italian Libya (1912–43), being the terminus of the now-defunct Italian Libya Railways, Italian Libya Railway from Tripoli to the east. Its artificial harbour shelters a motorized fishing fleet. Cereals, dates, and esparto grass (used to make cordage, shoes, and paper) are local products. It was in 1973 in Zuwara that Muammar Gaddafi first proclaimed the Libyan "Cultural Revolution".

2011 Libyan civil war

In the 2011 Libyan Civil War battles, the city was reported by Al Jazeera to be under control of the local anti-Gaddafi forces on 23 February 2011, and lost by the government of Muammar Gaddafi. Thousands of anti-government protesters, gathered in the Zuwara town square on 24 February, repulsed another Libyan Army (1951-2011), Libyan Army attempt to retake the city. Loyalist forces used the pro-government towns of Jumayl, Libya, Jumayl and Riqdalin to the south as bases for their attacks on the city. However, from March onwards, the city was under the control of loyalist forces. Amidst the 2011 Libyan rebel coastal offensive, August rebel coastal offensive, rebels took Zuwara on 18 August. In September 2011, and following the fall of the Gaddafi government, Zuwara was the first City in Libya to democratically 2012 Libyan local elections, elect its local council."The voice of Libya's minorities"
; November, 2011


Zuwara has a hot semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification ''BSh'').

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* Terence Frederick Mitchell, ''Ferhat. An Everyday Story of Berber Folk in and around Zuara (Libya)'', Köln, Köppe, 2007 -

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