The Open were an English five-piece
indie rock Indie rock is a genre of rock music Rock music is a broad genre of popular music Popular music is music with wide appeal that is typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry. These forms and styles can be enjoyed and ...
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who were signed to
Loog Records Loog Records is a United Kingdom, UK-based record label, owned by Universal Music Group, and operated as an imprint of Polydor Records. The label was launched in 2003 and managed by former NME editor James Oldham. It is named after former Rolli ...
. Their sound was heavily influenced by
Talk Talk Talk Talk were an English band formed in 1981, led by Mark Hollis (vocals, guitar, piano), Lee Harris (drummer), Lee Harris (drums), and Paul Webb (bass). The group achieved early chart success with the synth-pop singles "Talk Talk (Talk Talk s ...
(particularly their ''
Spirit of Eden ''Spirit of Eden'' is the fourth studio album by English band Talk Talk, released in 1988 on Parlophone Records. The songs were written by vocalist Mark Hollis (musician), Mark Hollis and producer Tim Friese-Greene and the album was compiled from ...
'' album),
Cocteau Twins Cocteau Twins were a Scottish band active from 1979 to 1997. They were formed in Grangemouth by Robin Guthrie (guitars, drum machine) and Will Heggie (bass), adding Elizabeth Fraser (vocals) in 1981 and replacing Heggie with multi-instrumentalis ...
, and early
, as well as latterly incorporating
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, such as
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Miles Davis
and '' Tommy''-era
The Who The Who are a British rock Rock most often refers to: * Rock (geology) A rock is any naturally occurring solid mass or aggregate of minerals or mineraloid matter. It is categorized by the minerals included, its Chemical compound, chem ...
. Their debut album ''The Silent Hours'' was released in July 2004 to positive reviews. In February 2006 they released their second album ''Statues''. First single, ‘We Can Never Say Goodbye’ was a minor hit before splitting up in May of the same year.The Open split , News
Nme.com (30 May 2006) A statement from the band regarding the split reads as follows: "I believe you are waiting for the official word. So here it is. The news is that we have indeed decided to call it a day with The Open. We leave the two records that we are very very proud of and memories that will remain in our hearts forever. Some of us will continue on our path through music. Some of us will not. We all wish each other the greatest of luck. No excuses, no regrets, no big philosophical kiss off, it's just the end of one journey and the start of another. Bless you all for your support over these last years and goodbye. Steve, Jon, Jim, Alan, and Roger."


* Steven Bayley — vocals, guitar * Jon Winter — guitar * Jim Reynolds — bass * Alan Dutton — keyboards * Roger Westwood — drums, percussion * Scott Holland — drums, percussion (2002–2004)



*''The Silent Hours'' (5 July 2004) UK No. 72 **
Polydor :''Polydor redirects here. For the French-born Italian actor, see Ferdinand Guillaume.'' Polydor Records Ltd. is a German-British record label that operates as part of Universal Music Group. It has a close relationship with Universal's Intersc ...
/ Loog 986 616-0 (CD/LP) *# "Close My Eyes" *# "Bring Me Down" *# "Lost" *# "Forgotten" *# "Daybreak" *# "Just Want to Live" *# "Step Into the Light" *# "Coming Down" *# "Can You Hear" *# "Elevation" *''Statues'' (6 February 2006) **Polydor/Loog 987 549-9 (CD/LP) *# "Forever" *# "We Can Never Say Goodbye" *# "Moment in Time" *# "Lovers in the Rain" *# "Statues" *# "My House" *# "She's Mystery" *# "Seasons of the Change" *# "Fallen Tree" *# "Alone" / "Masquerade" (hidden track)


*''La Lumiere E.P.'' (13 March 2006) **Polydor/Loog 987 672-3 (CD/12") *# "We Can Never Say Goodbye" *# "The Box" *# "I Call You" *# "The Mirror" *# "We Can Never Say Goodbye" (enhanced video)



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