Tarhuna (; ar, ترهونة), also Tarhoona or Tarhunah, is a
Libya Libya (; ar, ليبيا, Lībiyā), officially the State of Libya ( ar, دولة ليبيا, Dawlat Lībiyā), is a country in the Maghreb region in North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to Egypt–Libya border, th ...

n town to the southeast of
Tripoli Tripoli (; ar, طرابلس, ; ber, ⵜⵔⵢⴱⵓⵍⵙ) is the capital Capital most commonly refers to: * Capital letter Letter case (or just case) is the distinction between the letters that are in larger uppercase or capitals ...

, in the
Murqub District Murqub ( ar, المرقب ''Al Murqub''), sometimes spelt ''Al Murgub'' or ''Al Marqab'' or ''al-Morqib'', is one of the Districts of Libya, districts of Libya. The main city and capital is Khoms, Libya, Khoms. The widely visited UNESCO World Heri ...
. The city derives its name from that of its pre-
Roman-era The Roman Empire ( la, Imperium Rōmānum ; grc-gre, Βασιλεία τῶν Ῥωμαίων, Basileía tôn Rhōmaíōn) was the post-Republican Republican can refer to: Political ideology * An advocate of a republic, a type of governmen ...
inhabitants, a
Berber Berber or Berbers may refer to: Culture * Berbers Berbers or ''Imazighen'' ( ber, translit=Imaziɣen, ⵉⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵏ, ⵎⵣⵗⵏ; singular: , ) are an ethnic group mostly concentrated in North Africa, specifically Morocco ) , ...

tribe. The city was known as al-Boirat during the 19th through mid 20th century but assumed its current name after Libyan independence. The Tarhuna District, including the city of
Msallata Msallata (also Al Qasabat, Cussabat and El-Gusbát) is a town in the northwestern part of Libya, in the Murqub District. It has a population of nearly 24,000, and was historically a center of Islamic studies. It is also known for olive tree farming ...
, had an urban population of about 296,000 (est. 2003). The population in Tarhuna proper was calculated to be 13,264 in 2011. Geographical boundaries: from the "Valley of the famm Molgha" west to "Burkaat Oueny" eastward. Then from the "Suq al Juma (Al-msab`ha)" north, " Al-mzawgha and Marghna" south.


In the city centre of Tarhuna, just opposite the Tarhuna mosque, there is a memorial to Ali Swidan Alhatmy, who was a hero in the 18 June 1915 Battle of El-Shqiga against the Italians. He was captured in 1922 and hanged by the Italians in the town square. The population generally belongs to the Tarhuna tribe, which was favoured during the regime of
Muammar Gaddafi Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, Modern Standard . Due to the lack of standardization of transcribing written and regionally pronounced Arabic, Gaddafi's name has been romanized Romanization or romanisation, in linguistics L ...
. In late August 2011 (as part of the
Libyan Civil War Libyans (ليبيون) and their population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace, economic status, religious affiliations and other aspects of the Libya Libya (; ar, ليبيا, Lībīyā), officially the State of Lib ...

Libyan Civil War
), opposition forces from the National Liberation Amy entered Tarhuna, amidst mixed feelings from the citizens. On 23 August 2012, Interior ministry spokesman Abdelmonem al-Hur stated that more than a hundred tanks and twenty-six rocket launchers were seized from an alleged pro-Gaddafi militia (named ''Katibat Al-Awfiyah'', or Brigade of the Faithful), during a raid on their campsite in Tarhuna. The operation ended with one of the suspects killed, eight wounded and thirteen detainees, accused of being linked with the 19 August Tripoli bombings. According to reports in ''
The Washington Post ''The Washington Post'' (also known as the ''Post'' and, informally, ''WaPo'') is an American daily newspaper A newspaper is a Periodical literature, periodical publication containing written News, information about current events and is ...

The Washington Post
'', Tarhuna was dominated between 2011 and 2020 by the Kani brothers and their militia, the Kaniyat. Imposing a reign of terror, the Kaniyat were allegedly responsible for hundreds of killings in the town, with the collusion of the
Government of National Accord The Government of National Accord ( ar, حكومة الوفاق الوطني) was an interim government A provisional government, also called an interim government, an emergency government, or a transitional government, is an emergency governme ...
. In 2019, the Kaniyat switched allegiance to the warlord
Khalifa Haftar Field marshal (Libya), Field Marshal Khalifa Belqasim Haftar ( ar, خليفة بلقاسم حفتر, Ḵalīfa Bilqāsim Ḥaftar; born 7 November 1943) is a Libyan-American politician, military officer and the commander of the Tobruk-based Libyan ...
forces during the
Second Libyan Civil War {{Infobox military conflict , conflict = Second Libyan Civil War , partof = the Arab Winter The Arab Winter is a term for the resurgence of authoritarianism Authoritarianism is a form of government A gov ...
, and became the LNA's stronghold in western Libya. On 18 April
2020 2020 was heavily defined by the COVID-19 pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic A pandemic (from , , "all" and , , "local people" the 'crowd') is an of an that has spread across a large region, for insta ...
, the forces of the UN-recognized GNA government, with the backing of Turkish drones, launched a major offensive with the aim to reclaim Tarhuna from Haftar. On 5 June, it was captured by the GNA. Explosive devices, landmines, and mass graves of civilians, many buried alive, were discovered in the city.


Tarhuna is a leading producer of olive oil, cereals, figs, grapes, sparto grass, and various nuts.


The Faculty of Law of Al Nasser University is located north of town.

Notable people of Tarhuna

* Ahmed Al-Mraied. Commander – tribes Tarhunah – during the period of resistance against the Italian colonization in Tarhunah – a four bosses for – Republic of Tripoli – was chosen to be heads the Shura Council of the Republic of Tripoli – as it was named chairman of the Reform Party National 30 September 1919 – was elected president of the Conference of Gharyan 1920 and the presidency of the Commission reform central * Al-Mabrouk Al-Montaser. Born in the Suq Al-Ahad in Tarhunah – was commander of the fighters in the western region of Tarhunah against Italian forces – in battles (Shara`a Ash Shat – Ain Zara – Beyr Terffas). Emigrated to Egypt after the end of the resistance in Libya *
Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli Order of Friars Minor, OFM (5 February 1942, in El Khadra, Libya – 30 December 2019, in Saccolongo, Italy) was a Italian settlers in Libya, Libyan-Italian Roman Catholic prelate, who was a Apostolic Vicariate of Tri ...
(1942–2019), Libyan-Italian Roman Catholic prelate * Ali Al-Abany. Born in Al-Ghomen Village Tarhuna 1946 – Painter – studied painting in Italy and graduated excellent grade – founding member (Club Painters) in Tripoli in 1960 – won an award – the Golden Sail – of the State of Kuwait in 1975. * Mohammed Az Zwawey. Highlighted Caricaturist in Libya – Born in the suburbs of Benghazi in 1936, died on Sunday, 5 June 2011 * Ahmed Mukhtar Al-Tarhuni. Photographer winning several awards locally and internationally and the Arab world * Suleiman Altarhuni. Lyricist – wrote lyrics known in Libya, including (weenak weenak) artist Mohamed Hassan


Founded in Tarhunah many sports clubs: Al-Noor School club ( teachers club ) - Al-Amal Club was founded in 1960 - the hero of the Football League in the central region - currently playing in the third division Al-Shabeba Club Club Soqor Al-Sag`ya

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* Tarhuna District *
Tarhuna Wa Msalata District Tarhuna wa Msalata (Tarhuna and Msallata) was a Districts of Libya, district of Libya until 2007."Tarhuna, Libya"
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