Starstruck may refer to:


* ''StarStruck'' (2000 TV series), an Australian talent show * ''StarStruck'' (Philippine TV series), a reality talent competition show * ''StarStruck'' (2005 TV series), an Australian reality show * ''Starstruck'', a 1981 ''ABC Afterschool Special'' * "Star Struck" (''Law & Order''), an episode of ''Law & Order''


* ''Starstruck'' (1982 film), an Australian musical comedy * ''Star Struck'', a 1994 television film starring Chelsea Noble * ''Starstruck'', a 1995 film featuring Karen Black * ''Starstruck'' (1998 film), a film starring Jamie Kennedy * ''Starstruck'' (2010 film), a Disney Channel Original Movie

Literature and theatre

* ''Starstruck'' (play), a 1980 play by Elaine Lee ** ''Starstruck'' (comics), a comic-book series based on the play * ''Starstruck'', a 1998 play by Roy Williams * ''Star Struck'', a 2005 novel by Pamela Anderson * ''Starstruck'', a 1996 novel by Richie Tankersley Cusick * ''Starstruck'', a 2013 novel by Brenda Hiatt * ''Starstruck'', a 2005 ''Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise'' novel by Cathy Hopkins


* "Starstruck" (Kinks song), 1968 * "Starstruck", by Jeffree Star, 2008 * "Starstruck", by Lady Gaga from ''The Fame'', 2008 * "Starstruck", by Rainbow from ''Rising'', 1976 * "Starstruck", by Robbie Williams from ''Reality Killed the Video Star'', 2009 * "Starstruck", by Sterling Knight from the soundtrack of the 2010 film ''Starstruck'' * "Starstrukk", by 3OH!3 and Katy Perry, 2009

Other uses

* Starstruck (company), who attempted low-cost orbital sea-launched hybrid rocket launches * ''Starstruck'', the winning demo at the 2006 Assembly demo party * Starstruck Entertainment, a management company founded by Reba McEntire {{disambiguation