Sepp is a given name. When borne by Upper German-speaking people, it is often a nickname for Josef or other names related to Joseph. Those bearing this name include: * Joseph Sepp Blatter (born 1936), Swiss football administrator, former president of FIFA * Josef Bradl (1918-1982), Austria ski jumper and coach * Sepp Daxenberger (1962–2010), Bavarian politician * Sepp De Roover (born 1984), Belgian footballer * Josef Sepp Dietrich (1892–1966), World War II Oberst-Gruppenführer of the Waffen-SS * Sepp Ferstl (born 1954), German alpine skier * Sepp Heckelmiller (born 1943), German former alpine skier * Josef Sepp Herberger (1897–1977), German football player and manager * Josef Hirtreiter (1909-1978), German SS sergeant and Holocaust war criminal * Sepp Hochreiter (born 1967), German computer scientist * Sepp Holzer (born 1942), Austrian permaculturalist and consultant for natural agriculture * Josef Hügi (1930-1995), Swiss footballer * Sepp Kerschbaumer (1913–1964), Italian terrorist * Sepp Kuss (born 1994), American cyclist * Sepp Kusstatscher (born 1947), Italian politician * Sepp Lichtenegger (born 1937), Austrian ski jumper * Josef Sepp Maier (born 1944), German football goalkeeper * Josef Oberhauser (1915–1979), German Nazi SS officer * Josef Sepp Piontek (born 1940), German former football player and manager * Josef Sepp Puschnig (born 1946), Austrian ice hockey player * Sepp Reif (born 1937), German ice hockey player * Sepp Schönmetzler (born 1944), German figure skater, coach and journalist * Sepp Straffner (1875–1952), Austrian federal railway official and politician * Josef Uhlmann (1902–1968), German fencer, participated at the 1936 Summer Olympics * Sepp van den Berg (born 2001), Dutch footballer * Sepp Walcher (1954–1984), Austrian alpine skier * Sepp Weiler (1921–1997), German ski jumper * Sepp Weiß (born 1952), German former footballer * Josef Wurmheller (1917–1944), German Luftwaffe ace * Josef Sepp Zeilbauer (born 1952), Austrian retired decathlete

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