Saint Joseph is a New Testament figure, the husband of Mary and legal father of Jesus. Saint Joseph may also refer to:

In religion

*Saint Joseph of Arimathea *Saint Joseph Marello *Saint Joseph of Leonessa *Saint Joseph of Cupertino *Saint Joseph the Hymnographer *Saint Joseph Calasanctius *Saint Joseph Cafasso *Saint Joseph Cottolengo *Joseph, a priest martyred with Abda and Abdjesus * Jose Maria Diaz Sanjuro, Joseph Canh Luang Hoang, Joseph Fernandez, Joseph Hien Quang Do, Joseph Khang Duy Nguyen, Joseph Luu Van Nguyen, Joseph Marchand, Joseph Nghi Kim, Joseph Thi Dang Le, Joseph Uyen Dinh Nguyen, Joseph Vien Dinh Dang, Joseph Khang, Joseph Tuc and Joseph Tuan Van Tran of the Vietnamese Martyrs * Saint Joseph Vaz *Joseph (patriarch), son of Jacob, ''not'' canonized as a saint, but a major figure in the Hebrew Bible




* Saint-Joseph, New Brunswick, an unincorporated community in Kent County * Saint-Joseph Parish, New Brunswick, in Madawaska County ** Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska, New Brunswick, an unincorporated community therein * St. Joseph, Antigonish, Nova Scotia in Antigonish County * St. Joseph, Digby, Nova Scotia in Digby County *St. Joseph Island (Ontario) *St. Joseph, Ontario *Fort St. Joseph (Ontario), former British outpost on St. Joseph Island *Saint-Joseph, Quebec (disambiguation), several places *St. Joseph's, Saskatchewan hamlet in south east Saskatchewan *St. Joseph's Colony, Saskatchewan in west central Saskatchewan


* Saint-Joseph, Loire * Saint-Joseph, Manche * Saint-Joseph, Martinique * Saint-Joseph, Réunion * Saint-Joseph-de-Rivière, in the Isère ''département'' * Saint-Joseph-des-Bancs, in the Ardèche ''département'' * Saint-Joseph AOC, an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée in the Rhône wine region *École Saint-Joseph, Solesmes

United States

*St. Joseph, Florida (disambiguation) *St. Joseph, Illinois *Saint Joseph, Floyd County, Indiana *Saint Joseph, Vanderburgh County, Indiana *St. Joseph, Iowa *St. Joseph, Kansas *St. Joseph, Louisville, Kentucky *St. Joseph, Louisiana *St. Joseph, Michigan *St. Joseph, Minnesota *St. Joseph, Missouri *Saint Joseph, Mercer County, Ohio *Saint Joseph, Portage County, Ohio *Saint Joseph, Oregon *Saint Joseph, Tennessee *Saint Joseph, Marshall County, West Virginia *St. Joseph, Wisconsin


*Saint Joseph (Trinidad and Tobago) *The Parish of Saint Joseph, Barbados *Saint Joseph Parish, Dominica *Saint-Joseph, Martinique, a commune in Martinique


In the United States: *St. Joseph River (Lake Michigan) in southwest Michigan and northwest Indiana *St. Joseph River (Maumee River) in south central Michigan and northeast Indiana


*St. Joseph Island (Ontario), a Canadian island in Lake Huron *Île Saint-Joseph, the southernmost island of the three Îles du Salut in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of French Guiana *San José Island (Texas), a barrier island on the Texas coast in the United States, also known as "St. Joseph Island" *Saint Joseph Island (Seychelles), main island of St. Joseph Atoll, Seychelles


In Canada

*Saint Joseph's Oratory, a Catholic basilica in Montréal, Québec

In the United States

*Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph (San Jose), California *St. Joseph Catholic Church, Detroit, Michigan, a historic parish *St. Joseph's Catholic Church, a parish located adjacent to the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. *St. Joseph Medical Center (disambiguation) *National Shrine of Saint Joseph (disambiguation) *Mount Saint Joseph College, a Baltimore Catholic high school * Saint Joseph Abbey, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, listed on the NRHP in Louisiana *Saint Joseph's University, a Jesuit university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In Turkey

*St. Joseph High School (Istanbul), a French private school in Turkey

Other place names

In the United States: *St. Joseph Bay, a bay on the Gulf Coast of Florida *St. Joseph Peninsula, a peninsula or spit on the Gulf Coast of Florida *St. Joseph Point, the end of the St. Joseph Peninsula in Florida *St. Joseph Sound, a bay in Pasco and Pinellas counties, Florida *St. Joseph Valley Parkway, carrying parts of U.S. Routes 20 and 31


*St. Joseph, a brand of aspirin


*Saint Joseph noir, another name for the Italian wine grape San Giuseppe nero


*St. Joseph F.C., an association football club based in Nakuru, Kenya

See also

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