Roman or Romans usually refers to: *Rome, the capital city of Italy *Ancient Rome, Roman civilization from 8th century BC to 5th century AD *Roman people, the people of ancient Rome *''Epistle to the Romans'', shortened to ''Romans'', a letter in the New Testament of the Christian Bible Roman or Romans may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment


*Romans (band), a Japanese pop group *''Roman'' (album), by Sound Horizon, 2006 *''Roman'' (EP), by Teen Top, 2011 *"Roman (My Dear Boy)", a 2004 single by Morning Musume

Film and television

*Film Roman, an American animation studio *''Roman'' (film), a 2006 American suspense-horror film *''Romans'' (2013 film), an Indian Malayalam comedy film *''Romans'' (2017 film), a British drama film *''The Romans'' (''Doctor Who''), a serial in British TV series


*Roman (given name), a given name, including a list of people and fictional characters *Roman (surname), including a list of people named Roman or Romans *Romans (Ῥωμαῖοι), the name of the Greeks in the Middle Ages and during Ottoman rule *Romanic peoples, another name for Italic peoples, a term referring to speakers of languages in the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family



*Roman, Bulgaria **Roman Municipality *Roman, Eure, France *Roman, Romania **Roman County, a historic county *Roman, Sakha Republic, Russia *Roman River, Essex, England *Roman Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada


*Romans, Ain, France *Romans, Deux-Sèvres, France *Romans d'Isonzo, Italy *Romans-sur-Isère, France


*Roman Catholic, the largest Christian church **Roman Catholic (term) * Ar-Rum (Arabic: الْرُّوم, 'The Romans'), a book in the Qu'ran **Rûm, a generic term used at different times in the Muslim world with various meanings

Other uses

*Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, also known as the Roman Space Telescope, a NASA initiative *Roman (company), now Ro, a digital health company *Roman (vehicle manufacturer), or ROMAN, a Romanian truck manufacturer *Roman script or Latin script, graphic signs based on letters of the classical Latin alphabet *Roman type, one of the three main kinds of historical type

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