Protected areas of Tasmania consist of protected areas located within Tasmania and its Territorial waters, immediate onshore waters, including Macquarie Island. It includes areas of crown land (public land) managed by Government of Tasmania, Tasmanian Government agencies as well as private reserves. As of 2016, 52% of Tasmania's land area has some form of reservation classification, the majority is managed by the Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service (about 42% of total Tasmanian land area). Marine protected areas cover about 7.9% of territorial waters, state waters. Within each classification of reserve there may be a variation of IUCN protected area categories, IUCN categories Australia is a signatory to the Convention of Biological Diversity and as such has obligations to report the status of its National Reserve System.IUCN provides on its website a prescription for activities consistent with the categorisation system. Changes made to the ''Nature Conservation Act 2002'' in 2014 permit timber harvesting. These changes made in addition to the already established right to access minerals means that many of the IUCN categorisations assigned to individual reserves in Tasmania are no longer fit for purpose. In addition many reserves have had their reserve status downgraded from a class excluding timber harvesting and mineral extraction to ones where these activities are now permitted. This mis-application of the IUCN protected area categories needs to be remedied or the reserves protected land class under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 should be adjusted to reflect its currently assigned IUCN category.

Legislation and management

*Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service manages crown land reserved under the ''Nature Conservation Act 2002''. The 10 classes of protected land are: conservation area, historic site, game reserve, national park, nature recreation area, nature reserve, regional reserve and state reserve. The ''National Parks and Reserves Management act 2002'' determines the management objectives for each class. *'Permanent timber production zone land' is crown land managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania under the ''Forest Management Act 2013''. It contains areas of informal reserves (e.g. landscape connectivity, streamside buffers, etc.) *The Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (Tasmania), Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) administers 'future potential production forest' crown land (formerly 'future reserve land') as defined in ''The Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Act 2014''. *The Wellington Park Management Trust is outlined in the ''Wellington Park Act 1993''.

Summary of area totals

At 30 June 2016, Tasmania's terrestrial reserves cover (about 50.1% of the area of Tasmania), of which Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service manages 823 reserves (about , or over 42% of the area of Tasmania). The following table demonstrates the distribution of terrestrial protected areas as of June 2016, any marine areas are excluded. All protected areas not managed by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service or Sustainable Timber Tasmania is grouped into "other", including: formal and informal reserves on public land, reserves on private land, and Wellington Park.


Commonwealth marine reserves

There are several Commonwealth marine reserves in the vicinity of Tasmania, these reserves are not within state waters and are managed by the Government of Australia, Australian government. All of the reserves are part of the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network which contains an additional 4 reserves. * Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Beagle * Boags Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Boags * Flinders Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Flinders * Franklin Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Franklin * Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Freycinet * Huon Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Huon * Macquarie Island * South Tasman Rise Commonwealth Marine Reserve, South Tasman Rise * Tasman Fracture Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Tasman Fracture * Zeehan Commonwealth Marine Reserve, Zeehan

Tasmanian marine protected areas

Marine protected areas (MPAs) in Tasmanian state waters are classed as either conservation area, national park or nature reserve. Only the nature reserve or national park class have either restricted fishing or no take zones. Of the approximately of marine protected areas, about is restricted fishing or no take, Macquarie Island (~) is a wholly no-take zone. In total 7.9% of Tasmania's State coastal waters is reserved, however only 4.2% is in no-take areas and the majority of this is concentrated around subantarctic Macquarie Island. Only 1.1% of Tasmania's immediate coastal waters are fully protected in no-take areas.

Private reserves

Reserves on private land is about 4% of the terrestrial protected areas in Tasmania.

Conservation Covenant

Landowners may protect some areas of their land by entering into a Conservation Covenant which is legally binding under the ''Nature Conservation Act (2002)'' and is registered on the land title. Although usually in perpetuity, about 7% of the covenant area in Tasmania is fixed-term. In December 2016, there were 819 covenants covering an area of about .

Indigenous Protected Areas

There are 8 Indigenous Protected Area in Tasmania, covering an area of about . IUCN V *Babel Island *Badger Island Indigenous Protected Area, Badger Island *Great Dog Island Indigenous Protected Area, Great Dog Island *Clarke Island (Tasmania), lungatalanana *Mt Chappell Island Indigenous Protected Area, Mt Chappell Island *putalina Indigenous Protected Area, putalina *Risdon Cove Indigenous Protected Area, Risdon Cove IUCN VI *Preminghana Indigenous Protected Area, Preminghana

Private sanctuaries

Land reserved for the significant natural or cultural values while permitting the carrying out of agricultural or other activities consistent on preserving the values of the land.

Wellington Park

Wellington Park is the protected area which encompasses Mount Wellington (Tasmania), Mount Wellington and surrounds near Hobart. It is IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category II and covers an area of about . It is managed by the ''Wellington Park Management Trust'' established in 1993 whose members include: City of Hobart, Hobart and City of Glenorchy, Glenorchy City Councils, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (Tasmania), DPIPWE, TasWater and Tourism Tasmania.

State forest

Future potential production forest

'Future potential production forest land' (FPPF or FPPFL) is crown land administered by the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (Tasmania), Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) where, except in some circumstances for "special species timbers", no native forest harvesting can be undertaken. It was formally classified as 'future reserve land' (FRL) under the Tasmanian Forests Agreement. FPPF may be converted to 'permanent timber production zone land' (PTPZ or PTPZL) after 2020.


The Tasmanian Forests Agreement which was passed in 2013 after almost 4 years of negotiations, categorised about of crown land native forest as FRL, which included areas of forests of the Styx Valley, Styx, Weld Valley, Weld, Upper Florentine Valley, Upper Florentine, Great Western Tiers and Tarkine regions. The fate of FRL was dependent upon Tasmanian forest practices gaining Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. In the recent 2014 audit, Forestry Tasmania (now Sustainable Timber Tasmania) complied with 193 indicators, but needed further action on 10 more. In September 2014 the Government of Tasmania, Tasmanian government passed legislation which reclassified the 400,000 hectares of FRL as FPPF. After the expiration of the memorandum in April 2020, areas of FPPF can be converted to PTPZ where native forest logging can occur, subject to parliamentary approval. Until 2020, only limited "special species timber" harvesting can be undertaken in FPPF.

Permanent timber production zone land

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is a government business enterprise owned by the Government of Tasmania, Tasmanian Government which manages and operates state forest on Crown land#Australia, crown land (officially classified as 'permanent timber production zone land'). Some of this land has informal protection and is managed for conservation as part of the Tasmanian CAR reserve system (e.g. habitat for threatened species, Riparian zone, streamside protection, landscape connectivity). Informal reserves on the public production forest land cover about .

Forest reserves

Forest reserves are located on 'permanent timber production zone land' and may have recreation or other tourism facilities. *Brookerana Forest Reserve, Brookerana *Dalgarth Forest Reserve, Dalgarth *Griffin Forest Reserve, Griffin *Hollybank Forest Reserve, Hollybank *Jean Brook Forest Reserve, Jean Brook *Lawrence Rivulet Forest Reserve, Lawrence Rivulet *Oldina Forest Reserve, Oldina *Springfield Forest Reserve, Springfield *Tahune Forest Reserve, Tahune *Upper Natone Forest Reserve, Upper Natone *Wes Beckett Forest Reserve, Wes Beckett

Conservation areas

A protected area of land predominantly in a natural state. The sustainable use of natural resources may be permitted, such as mining, special species timber harvesting or hunting. There are 438 conservation areas covering a terrestrial area of about . Mostly IUCN protected area categories IV, V or VI.

IUCN Ia or Ib

*Picton River Conservation Area, Picton River *Unnamed (Sun Ridge)


*Boyd Conservation Area (Tasmania), Boyd *Drys Bluff Conservation Area, Drys Bluff *Liffey Conservation Area, Liffey *Meander Conservation Area, Meander *Unnamed (Gillam Creek Road) *Unnamed (Gunns Plains) *Unnamed (Mayberry CA)


*Big Tree Conservation Area, Big Tree *Emu River Conservation Area, Emu River *Fossil Cove Conservation Area, Fossil Cove *Gunns Plains Conservation Area, Gunns Plains *Meetus Falls Conservation Area, Meetus Falls *Roger River Road Conservation Area, Roger River Road *Styx Tall Trees Conservation Area, Styx Tall Trees *Unnamed (Sassafras Creek)


*Alma Tier Conservation Area, Alma Tier *Arve Loop Conservation Area, Arve Loop *Big Sassy Creek Conservation Area, Big Sassy Creek *Bligh Point Conservation Area, Bligh Point *Bluff River Conservation Area, Bluff River *Boggy Creek Conservation Area, Boggy Creek *Boot Bay Conservation Area, Boot Bay *Brother and Sister Conservation Area, Brother and Sister *Brown Mountain Conservation Area, Brown Mountain *Brushy Rivulet Conservation Area, Brushy Rivulet *Buxton River Conservation Area, Buxton River *Christmas Hills Conservation Area, Christmas Hills *Cleveland Lagoon Conservation Area, Cleveland Lagoon *Coal Point Conservation Area, Coal Point *Coxs Hill Conservation Area, Coxs Hill *Deep Lagoons Conservation Area, Deep Lagoons *Den Hill Conservation Area, Den Hill *Denison Ridge Conservation Area, Denison Ridge *Dismal Range Conservation Area, Dismal Range *Duck River East Conservation Area, Duck River East *Eastern Tiers Conservation Area, Eastern Tiers *Exe Rivulet Conservation Area, Exe Rivulet *Fisher Tier Conservation Area, Fisher Tier *Flowerdale River Conservation Area, Flowerdale River *Franklin Rivulet Conservation Area, Franklin Rivulet *Gentle Annie Conservation Area, Gentle Annie *Jackeys Creek Conservation Area, Jackeys Creek *Kenmere Creek Conservation Area, Kenmere Creek *Lake Binney Conservation Area, Lake Binney *Lake Mikany Conservation Area, Lake Mikany *Lanes Tier Conservation Area, Lanes Tier *Long Hill Conservation Area, Long Hill *Lost Falls Conservation Area, Lost Falls *MacLaines Creek Conservation Area, MacLaines Creek *Marion Beach Conservation Area, Marion Beach *Mersey River Conservation Area, Mersey River *Midday Hill Conservation Area, Midday Hill *Middle Arm Conservation Area, Middle Arm *Millers Bluff Conservation Area, Millers Bluff *Montagu Island Conservation Area, Montagu Island *Mount Bruny Conservation Area, Mount Bruny *Mount Dromedary Conservation Area, Mount Dromedary *Mount Hicks Road Conservation Area, Mount Hicks Road *Mount Mangana Conservation Area, Mount Mangana *Mount Midway Conservation Area, Mount Midway *Mount Morrison Conservation Area, Mount Morrison *Mount Ponsonby Conservation Area, Mount Ponsonby *Mount Thunderbolt Conservation Area, Mount Thunderbolt *Narrawa Road Conservation Area, Narrawa Road *North Styx Conservation Area, North Styx *Ouse River Conservation Area, Ouse River *Pelican Island Conservation Area, Pelican Island *Plains Creek Conservation Area, Plains Creek *Quamby Bluff Conservation Area, Quamby Bluff *Rebecca Creek Conservation Area, Rebecca Creek *Red Reef Conservation Area, Red Reef *Reedy Marsh Conservation Area, Reedy Marsh *Remarkable Rock Conservation Area, Remarkable Rock *Rimons Hill Conservation Area, Rimons Hill *River Hill Conservation Area, River Hill *Royal George Conservation Area, Royal George *Sand River Conservation Area, Sand River *Sandspit River Conservation Area, Sandspit River *Shannon River Conservation Area, Shannon River *Shingle Hill Conservation Area, Shingle Hill *Sisters Island Conservation Area, Sisters Island *Snake Bay Conservation Area, Snake Bay *Snaky Creek Conservation Area, Snaky Creek *Table Mountain Shore Conservation Area, Table Mountain Shore *Tanina Bluff Conservation Area, Tanina Bluff *Tarraleah Conservation Area, Tarraleah *Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area, Tippogoree Hills *Tooms Lake Conservation Area, Tooms Lake *Tungatinah Conservation Area, Tungatinah *Virginstow Conservation Area, Virginstow *Warrawee Conservation Area, Warrawee *Wayatinah Conservation Area, Wayatinah *Wentworth Creek Conservation Area, Wentworth Creek *Whalers Lookout Conservation Area, Whalers Lookout *Wild Bee Conservation Area, Wild Bee *Wyre Forest Creek Conservation Area, Wyre Forest Creek *Yellow Bluff Creek Conservation Area, Yellow Bluff Creek * Unnamed (Badger Head Road) * Unnamed (Clerkes Hill)


*Alpha Pinnacle Conservation Area, Alpha Pinnacle *Anderson Islands Conservation Area, Anderson Islands *Apex Point Conservation Area, Apex Point *Arthur River Conservation Area, Arthur River *Badger Spur Conservation Area, Badger Spur *Battery Island Conservation Area, Battery Island *Bellettes Bay Conservation Area, Bellettes Bay *Big Bay Conservation Area, Big Bay *Black River Conservation Area, Black River *Black River Bridge Conservation Area, Black River Bridge *Black River South Conservation Area, Black River South *Blyth Point Conservation Area, Blyth Point *Boxen Island Conservation Area, Boxen Island *Bridgenorth Conservation Area, Bridgenorth *Bull Rock Conservation Area, Bull Rock *Bun Beetons Point Conservation Area, Bun Beetons Point *Burnett Point Conservation Area, Burnett Point *Calder River Conservation Area, Calder River *Calverts Lagoon Conservation Area, Calverts Lagoon *Cam River Conservation Area, Cam River *Cam River South Conservation Area, Cam River South *Cape de la Sortie Conservation Area, Cape de la Sortie *Cape Portland Conservation Area, Cape Portland *Carr Villa Conservation Area, Carr Villa *Cataraqui Point Conservation Area, Cataraqui Point *Champion Park Conservation Area, Champion Park *Chasm Creek Conservation Area, Chasm Creek *Cheeseberry Hill Conservation Area, Cheeseberry Hill *Chronicle Point Conservation Area, Chronicle Point *City of Melbourne Bay Conservation Area, City of Melbourne Bay *Clarence River Conservation Area, Clarence River *Clifton Beach Conservation Area, Clifton Beach *Cone Islet Conservation Area, Cone Islet *Craggy Island Conservation Area, Craggy Island *Crooked Billet Bay Conservation Area, Crooked Billet Bay *Doctors Rocks Conservation Area, Doctors Rocks *Don Heads Conservation Area, Don Heads *Doughboy Island Conservation Area, Doughboy Island *Duck River Conservation Area, Duck River *Eaglehawk Bay-Flinders Bay Conservation Area, Eaglehawk Bay-Flinders Bay *East Cam River Conservation Area, East Cam River *East Moncoeur Island Conservation Area, East Moncoeur Island *Edgcumbe Beach Conservation Area, Edgcumbe Beach *Egg Beach Conservation Area, Egg Beach *Eldorado Conservation Area, Eldorado *Elizabeth River Conservation Area, Elizabeth River *Esperance Point Conservation Area, Esperance Point *Esperance River Conservation Area, Esperance River *Fannys Bay Conservation Area, Fannys Bay *Fingal Rivulet Conservation Area, Fingal Rivulet *Five Mile Pinnacles Conservation Area, Five Mile Pinnacles *Fletchers Hill West Conservation Area, Fletchers Hill West *Forth Falls Creek Conservation Area, Forth Falls Creek *Forwards Beach Conservation Area, Forwards Beach *Fotheringate Bay Conservation Area, Fotheringate Bay *Four Mile Creek Conservation Area, Four Mile Creek *Good Marsh Conservation Area, Good Marsh *Granite Point Conservation Area, Granite Point *Great Lake Conservation Area, Great Lake *Great Musselroe River Conservation Area, Great Musselroe River *Greens Beach Conservation Area, Greens Beach *Griggs Creek Conservation Area, Griggs Creek *Harbour Islets Conservation Area, Harbour Islets *Harcus Island Conservation Area, Harcus Island *Harry Walker Tier Conservation Area, Harry Walker Tier *Hastings Bay Conservation Area, Hastings Bay *Henderson Islets Conservation Area, Henderson Islets *Holts Point Conservation Area, Holts Point *Hunter Island Conservation Area, Hunter Island *Jones Rivulet Conservation Area, Jones Rivulet *Kangaroo Island Conservation Area, Kangaroo Island *Lackrana Conservation Area, Lackrana *Lake Dulverton Conservation Area, Lake Dulverton *Lake River Conservation Area, Lake River *Lighthouse Point Conservation Area, Lighthouse Point *Little Island Conservation Area, Little Island *Little Pine Lagoon Conservation Area, Little Pine Lagoon *Little Swanport Conservation Area, Little Swanport *Little Trefoil Conservation Area, Little Trefoil *Long Bay Conservation Area, Long Bay *Long Reach Conservation Area, Long Reach *Macquarie River Conservation Area, Macquarie River *Marriott Reef Conservation Area, Marriott Reef *Marshall Beach Conservation Area, Marshall Beach *McDonalds Point Conservation Area, McDonalds Point *Middle Island Conservation Area, Middle Island *Montagu Beach Conservation Area, Montagu Beach *Morass Bay Conservation Area, Morass Bay *Mount Wedge Conservation Area, Mount Wedge *Murkay Islets Conservation Area, Murkay Islets *Nares Rocks Conservation Area, Nares Rocks *Neds Reef Conservation Area, Neds Reef *Ninth Island Conservation Area, Ninth Island *Norfolk Bay Conservation Area, Norfolk Bay *North George River Conservation Area, North George River *North Passage Point Conservation Area, North Passage Point *North West Bay Conservation Area, North West Bay *North West Head Conservation Area, North West Head *North-East Park Conservation Area, North-East Park *Ocean Beach Conservation Area, Ocean Beach *Outer North Head Conservation Area, Outer North Head *Pasco Group Conservation Area, Pasco Group *Plenty River Conservation Area, Plenty River *Point Bailly Conservation Area, Point Bailly *Point du Ressac Conservation Area, Point du Ressac *Port Cygnet Conservation Area, Port Cygnet *Port Sorell Conservation Area, Port Sorell *Prosser River Conservation Area, Prosser River *Punchbowl Conservation Area, Punchbowl *Ralphs Bay Conservation Area, Ralphs Bay *Ram Island Conservation Area, Ram Island *Red Hut Point Conservation Area, Red Hut Point *River Tyne Conservation Area, River Tyne *Rocky Point Conservation Area, Rocky Point *Roydon Island Conservation Area, Roydon Island *Running Ground Ridge Conservation Area, Running Ground Ridge *Salem Bay Conservation Area, Salem Bay *Sassafras Gully Conservation Area, Sassafras Gully *Seacrow Islet Conservation Area, Seacrow Islet *Seagull Islet Conservation Area, Seagull Islet *Sentinel Island Conservation Area, Sentinel Island *Settlement Point Conservation Area, Settlement Point *Sheepwash Bay Conservation Area, Sheepwash Bay *Shell Islets Conservation Area, Shell Islets *Sidmouth Conservation Area, Sidmouth *Simpsons Bay Conservation Area, Simpsons Bay *Sloping Main Conservation Area, Sloping Main *South Pats River Conservation Area, South Pats River *Spike Island Conservation Area, Spike Island *Split Rock Saddle Conservation Area, Split Rock Saddle *Stokes Point Conservation Area, Stokes Point *Stringybark Conservation Area, Stringybark *Sugarloaf Rock Conservation Area, Sugarloaf Rock *Tailers Bay Conservation Area, Tailers Bay *Tamar Conservation Area, Tamar *Tea-Tree Bay Conservation Area, Tea-Tree Bay *Trousers Point Beach Conservation Area, Trousers Point Beach *Truganini Conservation Area, Truganini *Tully River Conservation Area, Tully River *Tyenna River Conservation Area, Tyenna River *Vansittart Island Conservation Area, Vansittart Island *Wallaby Islands Conservation Area, Wallaby Islands *Wayatinah Lagoon Conservation Area, Wayatinah Lagoon *Wellwood Creek Conservation Area, Wellwood Creek *West Arm Conservation Area, West Arm *White Beach Conservation Area, White Beach *Youngs Creek Conservation Area, Youngs Creek * Unnamed (Badger Corner) * Unnamed (Duck Bay) * Unnamed (Goulds Lagoon) * Unnamed (Kingston Golf Course) * Unnamed (Lake Leake) * Unnamed (Mersey Hill Karst) * Unnamed (Mersey River) * Unnamed (Pipers River) * Unnamed (Sanspit River) * Unnamed (The Lea) * Unnamed (Wet Cave) * Unnamed South Esk


*Adamsfield Conservation Area, Adamsfield *Ansons Bay Conservation Area, Ansons Bay *Ansons River Conservation Area, Ansons River *Apsley Conservation Area, Apsley *Arthur Bay Conservation Area, Arthur Bay *Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, Arthur-Pieman *Bay of Fires Conservation Area, Bay of Fires *Bernafai Ridge Conservation Area, Bernafai Ridge *Blythe River Conservation Area, Blythe River *Boltons Beach Conservation Area, Boltons Beach *Boobyalla Conservation Area, Boobyalla *Boobyalla River Conservation Area, Boobyalla River *Bouchers Creek Conservation Area, Bouchers Creek *Brick Islands Conservation Area, Brick Islands *Brid River Conservation Area, Brid River *Briggs Islet Conservation Area, Briggs Islet *Brookerana Conservation Area, Brookerana *Brougham Sugarloaf Conservation Area, Brougham Sugarloaf *Cat Island Conservation Area, Cat Island *Catamaran River Conservation Area, Catamaran River *Central Plateau Conservation Area, Central Plateau *Chalky Island Conservation Area, Chalky Island *Chauncy Vale Conservation Area, Chauncy Vale *Chuckle Head Conservation Area, Chuckle Head *Coles Bay Conservation Area, Coles Bay *Colliers Swamp Conservation Area, Colliers Swamp *Coswell Beach Conservation Area, Coswell Beach *Counsel Hill Conservation Area, Counsel Hill *Cressy Beach Conservation Area, Cressy Beach *Crotty Conservation Area, Crotty *Dans Hill Conservation Area, Dans Hill *Darling Range Conservation Area, Darling Range *Dasher River Conservation Area, Dasher River *Denison Rivulet Conservation Area, Denison Rivulet *Detention Falls Conservation Area, Detention Falls *Devils Den Conservation Area, Devils Den *Double Sandy Point Conservation Area, Double Sandy Point *Egg Islands Conservation Area, Egg Islands *Five Mile Bluff Conservation Area, Five Mile Bluff *Foochow Conservation Area, Foochow *Forsyth Island Conservation Area, Forsyth Island *Fossil Bluff Conservation Area, Fossil Bluff *George Town Conservation Area, George Town *Goose Island Conservation Area, Goose Island *Gordons Ridge Conservation Area, Gordons Ridge *Granite Tor Conservation Area, Granite Tor *Gravelly Ridge Conservation Area, Gravelly Ridge *Great Western Tiers Conservation Area, Great Western Tiers *Gull Island Conservation Area, Gull Island *Heazlewood Hill Conservation Area, Heazlewood Hill *Hogan Group Conservation Area, Hogan Group *Howie Island Conservation Area, Howie Island *Jacksons Cove Conservation Area, Jacksons Cove *Judbury Conservation Area, Judbury *Kelvedon Beach Conservation Area, Kelvedon Beach *Lagoons Beach Conservation Area, Lagoons Beach *Lake Beatrice Conservation Area, Lake Beatrice *Lees Point Conservation Area, Lees Point *Liawenee Conservation Area, Liawenee *Lillico Beach Conservation Area, Lillico Beach *Lime Pit Road Conservation Area, Lime Pit Road *Limekiln Creek Conservation Area, Limekiln Creek *Little Beach Conservation Area, Little Beach *Little Boobyalla River Conservation Area, Little Boobyalla River *Little Chalky Island Conservation Area, Little Chalky Island *Little Green Island Conservation Area, Little Green Island *Little Quoin Conservation Area, Little Quoin *Logan Lagoon Conservation Area, Logan Lagoon *Long Island Conservation Area, Long Island *Long Tom Conservation Area, Long Tom *Low Point Conservation Area, Low Point *Marks Point Conservation Area, Marks Point *Mayfield Bay Conservation Area, Mayfield Bay *Medeas Cove Conservation Area, Medeas Cove *Mile Island Conservation Area, Mile Island *Millingtons Beach Conservation Area, Millingtons Beach *Molesworth Conservation Area, Molesworth *Moss Gully Conservation Area, Moss Gully *Mount Bethune Conservation Area, Mount Bethune *Mount Faulkner Conservation Area, Mount Faulkner *Mount Royal Conservation Area, Mount Royal *Mount Rumney Conservation Area, Mount Rumney *Mountain Creek Conservation Area, Mountain Creek *Mulligans Hill Conservation Area, Mulligans Hill *Murphys Flat Conservation Area, Murphys Flat *Musselroe Bay Conservation Area, Musselroe Bay *Night Island Conservation Area, Night Island *Oyster Rocks Conservation Area, Oyster Rocks *Pardoe Northdown Conservation Area, Pardoe Northdown *Parnella Conservation Area, Parnella *Passage Island Conservation Area, Passage Island *Patriarchs Conservation Area, Patriarchs *Peggs Beach Conservation Area, Peggs Beach *Perkins Island Conservation Area, Perkins Island *Porky Beach Conservation Area, Porky Beach *Prime Seal Island Conservation Area, Prime Seal Island *Princess River Conservation Area, Princess River *Rainbow Point Conservation Area, Rainbow Point *Randalls Bay Conservation Area, Randalls Bay *Raspins Beach Conservation Area, Raspins Beach *Redbill Point Conservation Area, Redbill Point *Reef Island Conservation Area, Reef Island *Roaring Beach Conservation Area, Roaring Beach *Russell Ridge Conservation Area, Russell Ridge *Sea Elephant Conservation Area, Sea Elephant *Sensation Gorge Conservation Area, Sensation Gorge *Seymour Conservation Area, Seymour *Shag Lagoon Conservation Area, Shag Lagoon *Sherwood Hill Conservation Area, Sherwood Hill *Single Tree Plain Conservation Area, Single Tree Plain *Sister Islands Conservation Area, Sister Islands *Slaves Bay Conservation Area, Slaves Bay *South Arm Conservation Area, South Arm *South Esk River Conservation Area, South Esk River *Southport Lagoon Conservation Area, Southport Lagoon *Spiky Beach Conservation Area, Spiky Beach *Spinning Gum Conservation Area, Spinning Gum *St Clair Lagoon Conservation Area, St Clair Lagoon *St Helens Conservation Area, St Helens *Stanley Conservation Area, Stanley *Storehouse Island Conservation Area, Storehouse Island *Strickland Conservation Area, Strickland *Summer Camp Conservation Area, Summer Camp *Surveyors Bay Conservation Area, Surveyors Bay *Swansea Conservation Area, Swansea *Swift Creek Conservation Area, Swift Creek *Table Mountain Conservation Area, Table Mountain *Tathams Lagoon Conservation Area, Tathams Lagoon *Tatlows Beach Conservation Area, Tatlows Beach *The Dutchman Conservation Area, The Dutchman *Tiger Rise Conservation Area, Tiger Rise *Top Marshes Conservation Area, Top Marshes *Tunbridge Tier Conservation Area, Tunbridge Tier *Upper Blythe Conservation Area, Upper Blythe *Vale of Belvoir Conservation Area, Vale of Belvoir *Waddles Creek Conservation Area, Waddles Creek *Waterhouse Conservation Area, Waterhouse *Waterhouse Island Conservation Area, Waterhouse Island *Wedge Island Conservation Area, Wedge Island *West Inlet Conservation Area, West Inlet *White Kangaroo Conservation Area, White Kangaroo *Wielangta Conservation Area, Wielangta *Woodbridge Hill Conservation Area, Woodbridge Hill *Wright and Egg Islands Conservation Area, Wright and Egg Islands *Wybalenna Island Conservation Area, Wybalenna Island *Yarlington Conservation Area, Yarlington * Unnamed (Fern Glade) * Unnamed (Long Marsh) * Unnamed (Pipers Brook) * Unnamed (Tooms Lake)

Marine conservation areas

Conservation areas that are marine protected areas cover about of state waters, and are all IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category VI. Marine conservation areas do not have any fishing restrictions. *Blackman Rivulet Marine Conservation Area, Blackman Rivulet *Central Channel Marine Conservation Area, Central Channel *Cloudy Bay Lagoon Marine Conservation Area, Cloudy Bay Lagoon *Hippolyte Rocks Marine Conservation Area, Hippolyte Rocks *Huon Estuary Marine Conservation Area, Huon Estuary *Monk Bay Marine Conservation Area, Monk Bay *Opossum Bay Marine Conservation Area, Opossum Bay *Port Cygnet Marine Conservation Area, Port Cygnet *River Derwent Marine Conservation Area, River Derwent *Roberts Point Marine Conservation Area, Roberts Point *Simpsons Point Marine Conservation Area, Simpsons Point *Sloping Island Marine Conservation Area, Sloping Island *South Arm Marine Conservation Area, South Arm *Waterfall-Fortescue Marine Conservation Area, Waterfall-Fortescue

Game reserves

An area of land conserved for containing natural values that are unique, important or have representative value; particularly Game (hunting), games species and allowing the sustainable hunting these species. There are 12 game reserves covering an area of about , all are IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category VI. *Actaeon Island Game Reserve, Actaeon Island *Bird Island Game Reserve, Bird Island *Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve, Bruny Island Neck *Farm Cove Game Reserve, Farm Cove *Lake Tiberias Game Reserve, Lake Tiberias *Little Dog Island Game Reserve, Little Dog Island *Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve, Moulting Lagoon *New Year Island Game Reserve, New Year Island *North East River Game Reserve, North East River *Petrel Islands Game Reserve, Petrel Islands *Sellars Lagoon Game Reserve, Sellars Lagoon *Stack Island Game Reserve, Stack Island

Historic sites

Land with significant historic cultural heritage and is conserved for presentation of these features for public appreciation and education. There are 30 historic sites covering an area of about . Most are IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category V. IUCN II *Macquarie Harbour Historic Site, Macquarie Harbour IUCN IV *Cemetery Point Historic Site, Cemetery Point *Premaydena Point Historic Site, Premaydena Point IUCN V *Batchelors Grave Historic Site, Batchelors Grave *Callington Mill Historic Site, Callington Mill *Cape Sorell Historic Site, Cape Sorell *Cascades Female Factory Historic Site, Cascades Female Factory *Coal Mines Historic Site, Coal Mines *Currie Lightkeepers Residence Historic Site, Currie Lightkeepers Residence *D'Entrecasteaux Monument Historic Site, D'Entrecasteaux Monument *D'Entrecasteaux Watering Place Historic Site, D'Entrecasteaux Watering Place *Eaglehawk Neck Historic Site, Eaglehawk Neck *Eddystone Point Lighthouse Historic Site, Eddystone Point Lighthouse *Entally House Historic Site, Entally House *George III Monument Historic Site, George III Monument *Highfield Historic Site, Highfield *Kangaroo Bluff Historic Site, Kangaroo Bluff *Low Head Historic Site, Low Head *Lyons Cottage Historic Site, Lyons Cottage *Mount Direction Historic Site, Mount Direction *Port Arthur Historic Site, Port Arthur *Richmond Gaol Historic Site, Richmond Gaol *Ross Female Convict Station Historic Site, Ross Female Convict Station *Shot Tower Historic Site, Shot Tower *Strahan Customs House Historic Site, Strahan Customs House *Sydney Cove Historic Site, Sydney Cove *Tasman Monument Historic Site, Tasman Monument *Toll House Historic Site, Toll House *Waubadebars Grave Historic Site, Waubadebars Grave *Yorktown Historic Site, Yorktown

National parks

A national park in Tasmania is defined as a large natural area of land containing a representative or outstanding sample of major natural regions, features or scenery. National parks serve to protect and maintain the natural and cultural values of the area of land while providing for ecologically sustainable recreation. There are 19 national parks covering a terrestrial area of about , the largest protected area category in Tasmania. IUCN Ia or Ib *Maria Island National Park, Maria Island *Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair *Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers *Savage River National Park, Savage River *Southwest National Park, Southwest *Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Walls of Jerusalem IUCN II *Ben Lomond National Park, Ben Lomond *Douglas-Apsley National Park, Douglas-Apsley *Freycinet National Park, Freycinet *Hartz Mountains National Park, Hartz Mountains *Kent Group National Park, Kent Group *Mole Creek Karst National Park, Mole Creek Karst *Mount Field National Park, Mount Field *Mount William National Park, Mount William *Narawntapu National Park, Narawntapu *Rocky Cape National Park, Rocky Cape *South Bruny National Park, South Bruny *Strzelecki National Park, Strzelecki *Tasman National Park, Tasman

National parks (marine)

Three national parks also have a marine protected area component. These cover about of state waters. * Kent Group (forms part of Kent Group National Park) * Maria Island (forms part of Maria Island National Park) * Port Davey, Tasmania, Port Davey/Bathurst (forms part of Southwest National Park)

Nature recreation areas

Is predominantly in a natural state or contains sensitive natural sites of significance for recreation. Reserved for public recreation and education consistent with conserving the values of the area. There are 25 nature recreation areas covering an area of about , mostly IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category V. IUCN III *Pirates Bay Nature Recreation Area, Pirates Bay *Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area, Trevallyn IUCN V *Black Bluff Nature Recreation Area, Black Bluff *Briant Hill Nature Recreation Area, Briant Hill *Coningham Nature Recreation Area, Coningham *Donaldson River Nature Recreation Area, Donaldson River *Gellibrand Point Nature Recreation Area, Gellibrand Point *Gordons Hill Nature Recreation Area, Gordons Hill *Hope Island Nature Recreation Area, Hope Island *Humbug Point Nature Recreation Area, Humbug Point *Kate Reed Nature Recreation Area, Kate Reed *Knopwood Hill Nature Recreation Area, Knopwood Hill *Lake Barrington Nature Recreation Area, Lake Barrington *Meehan Range Nature Recreation Area, Meehan Range *Mount Dial Nature Recreation Area, Mount Dial *Palana Beach Nature Recreation Area, Palana Beach *Recherche Bay Nature Recreation Area, Recherche Bay *Reynolds Falls Nature Recreation Area, Reynolds Falls *Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Area, Rosny Hill *Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area, Snug Tiers IUCN VI *Emita Nature Recreation Area, Emita *Killiecrankie Nature Recreation Area, Killiecrankie *Mount Tanner Nature Recreation Area, Mount Tanner

Nature reserves

An area of land that is conserved for the natural values that contribute to the natural biological or geological diversity of the area and are unique, important or have representative value. There are 86 Nature reserve (Australia), nature reserves covering a terrestrial area of about . Mostly IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category Ia. IUCN Ia *Africa Gully Nature Reserve, Africa Gully *Albatross Island (Tasmania), Albatross Island *Andersons Nature Reserve, Andersons *Basin Nature Reserve, Basin *Bass Pyramid Nature Reserve, Bass Pyramid *Baynes Island Nature Reserve, Baynes Island *Black Pyramid Rock Nature Reserve, Black Pyramid Rock *Butlers Ridge Nature Reserve, Butlers Ridge *Calverts Hill Nature Reserve, Calverts Hill *Cape Bernier Nature Reserve, Cape Bernier *Cape Deslacs Nature Reserve, Cape Deslacs *Christmas Island Nature Reserve, Christmas Island *Coal River Gorge Nature Reserve, Coal River Gorge *Councillor Island Nature Reserve, Councillor Island *Curtis Island Nature Reserve, Curtis Island *Dead Dog Hill Nature Reserve, Dead Dog Hill *Dennes Hill Nature Reserve, Dennes Hill *Devils Tower Nature Reserve, Devils Tower *Diamond Island Nature Reserve, Diamond Island *Dickinsons Nature Reserve, Dickinsons *Dry Creek East Nature Reserve, Dry Creek East *Dry Creek South Nature Reserve, Dry Creek South *Dry Creek West Nature Reserve, Dry Creek West *Duckholes Lagoons Nature Reserve, Duckholes Lagoons *Elderslie Nature Reserve, Elderslie *Foster Islands Nature Reserve, Foster Islands *George Rocks Nature Reserve, George Rocks *Hardys Hill Nature Reserve, Hardys Hill *Hawley Nature Reserve, Hawley *Heathy Hills Nature Reserve, Heathy Hills *Hospital Creek Nature Reserve, Hospital Creek *Huntingdon Nature Reserve, Huntingdon *Ile Des Phoques Nature Reserve, Ile Des Phoques *Ironpot Gully Nature Reserve, Ironpot Gully *Isabella Island Nature Reserve, Isabella Island *Isle of Caves Nature Reserve, Isle of Caves *Kentford Forest Nature Reserve, Kentford Forest *Lachlan Island Nature Reserve, Lachlan Island *Lake Johnston Nature Reserve, Lake Johnston *Little Christmas Island Nature Reserve, Little Christmas Island *Little Swan Island Nature Reserve, Little Swan Island *Little Waterhouse Island Nature Reserve, Little Waterhouse Island *Low Islets Nature Reserve, Low Islets *Macquarie Island (World Heritage) Nature Reserve, Macquarie Island (World Heritage) *Mersey Hill Karst Nature Reserve, Mersey Hill Karst *Moriarty Rocks Nature Reserve, Moriarty Rocks *North East Islet Nature Reserve, North East Islet *Paddys Island Nature Reserve, Paddys Island *Pelham Nature Reserve, Pelham *Pelham North Nature Reserve, Pelham North *Pelham West Nature Reserve, Pelham West *Penguin Islet Nature Reserve, Penguin Islet *Powranna Nature Reserve, Powranna *Reid Rocks Nature Reserve, Reid Rocks *Rocka Rivulet Nature Reserve, Rocka Rivulet *Rodondo Island Nature Reserve, Rodondo Island *Sith Cala Nature Reserve, Sith Cala *Spectacle Islands Nature Reserve, Spectacle Islands *Tenth Island Nature Reserve, Tenth Island *The Doughboys Nature Reserve, The Doughboys *Tinderbox Nature Reserve, Tinderbox *West Moncoeur Island Nature Reserve, West Moncoeur Island *Wingaroo Nature Reserve, Wingaroo *Woodvine Nature Reserve, Woodvine *Wright Rock Nature Reserve, Wright Rock IUCN IV *Betsey Island Nature Reserve, Betsey Island *Big Green Island Nature Reserve, Big Green Island *Chappell Islands Nature Reserve, Chappell Islands *Cherry Tree Hill Nature Reserve, Cherry Tree Hill *East Kangaroo Island Nature Reserve, East Kangaroo Island *Green Island Nature Reserve, Green Island *Jordan Nature Reserve, Jordan *Muddy Lagoon Nature Reserve, Muddy Lagoon *Narrows Road Nature Reserve, Narrows Road *Native Point Nature Reserve, Native Point *Pitt Water Nature Reserve, Pitt Water *Three Sisters-Goat Island Nature Reserve, Three Sisters-Goat Island *Tom Gibson Nature Reserve, Tom Gibson *Township Lagoon Nature Reserve, Township Lagoon IUCN V *Badger Box Creek Nature Reserve, Badger Box Creek *Lily Lagoon Nature Reserve, Lily Lagoon

Marine nature reserves

Nature reserves that are marine protected areas cover about of state waters (includes Macquarie Island). *Governor Island Marine Nature Reserve, Governor Island *Macquarie Island *Ninepin Point Marine Nature Reserve, Ninepin Point *Tinderbox Marine Nature Reserve, Tinderbox

Regional reserves

May have also previously been known as forest reserves, a regional reserve is an area of land with a high mineral potential or Prospecting, prospectively and is predominantly in a natural state. The purpose of reservation is for mineral exploration and the development of mineral deposits and/or the controlled use of other natural resources, including special species timber harvesting, while protecting and maintaining the natural and cultural values. There are 148 regional reserves covering an area of about , a majority are IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category IV. IUCN III *Dip Falls Regional Reserve, Dip Falls *Hardings Falls Regional Reserve, Hardings Falls *Julius River Regional Reserve, Julius River *Lake Chisholm Regional Reserve, Lake Chisholm *Mount Puzzler Regional Reserve, Mount Puzzler *South Weld Regional Reserve, South Weld *Sumac Regional Reserve, Sumac IUCN IV *Andersons Creek Regional Reserve, Andersons Creek *Apslawn Regional Reserve, Apslawn *Arm River Regional Reserve, Arm River *Avenue River Regional Reserve, Avenue River *Badger River Regional Reserve, Badger River *Balfour Track Regional Reserve, Balfour Track *Bells Marsh Regional Reserve, Bells Marsh *Black Creek Regional Reserve, Black Creek *Black Jack Hill Regional Reserve, Black Jack Hill *Blue Tier Regional Reserve, Blue Tier *Boco Creek Regional Reserve, Boco Creek *Bond Tier Regional Reserve, Bond Tier *Bonneys Tier Regional Reserve, Bonneys Tier *Borradaile Regional Reserve, Borradaile *Break O'Day Regional Reserve, Break O'Day *Burns Peak Regional Reserve, Burns Peak *Caroline Creek Regional Reserve, Caroline Creek *Coppermine Creek Regional Reserve, Coppermine Creek *Crayfish Creek Regional Reserve, Crayfish Creek *Cygnet River Regional Reserve, Cygnet River *Deep Gully Regional Reserve, Deep Gully *Den Ranges Regional Reserve, Den Ranges *Derby Regional Reserve, Derby *Dial Range Regional Reserve, Dial Range *Dickies Ridge Regional Reserve, Dickies Ridge *Dip River Regional Reserve, Dip River *Dismal Swamp Regional Reserve, Dismal Swamp *Doctors Peak Regional Reserve, Doctors Peak *Dogs Head Hill Regional Reserve, Dogs Head Hill *Dove River Regional Reserve, Dove River *Emu Ground Regional Reserve, Emu Ground *Fords Pinnacle Regional Reserve, Fords Pinnacle *Frome Regional Reserve, Frome *German Town Regional Reserve, German Town *Hatfield River Regional Reserve, Hatfield River *Henty Regional Reserve, Henty *Huntsmans Cap Regional Reserve, Huntsmans Cap *Huskisson River Regional Reserve, Huskisson River *John Lynch Regional Reserve, John Lynch *Joy Creek Regional Reserve, Joy Creek *Kohls Falls Regional Reserve, Kohls Falls *Lady Binney Regional Reserve, Lady Binney *Lady Nelson Regional Reserve, Lady Nelson *Lake Pieman Regional Reserve, Lake Pieman *Laurel Creek Regional Reserve, Laurel Creek *Lefroy Regional Reserve, Lefroy *Lobster Rivulet Regional Reserve, Lobster Rivulet *Long Ridge Regional Reserve, Long Ridge *Lovells Creek Regional Reserve, Lovells Creek *Lower Marsh Creek Regional Reserve, Lower Marsh Creek *Luncheon Hill Regional Reserve, Luncheon Hill *Lutregala Creek Regional Reserve, Lutregala Creek *Mackintosh Regional Reserve, Mackintosh *Maggs Mountain Regional Reserve, Maggs Mountain *Martins Hill Regional Reserve, Martins Hill *Mathinna Falls Regional Reserve, Mathinna Falls *Mersey White Water Regional Reserve, Mersey White Water *Milkshake Hills Regional Reserve, Milkshake Hills *Montagu River Regional Reserve, Montagu River *Montagu Swamp Regional Reserve, Montagu Swamp *Mount Arthur Regional Reserve, Mount Arthur *Mount Careless Regional Reserve, Mount Careless *Mount Horror Regional Reserve, Mount Horror / Konewongener *Mount Kershaw Regional Reserve, Mount Kershaw *Mount Maurice Regional Reserve, Mount Maurice *Mount Stronach Regional Reserve, Mount Stronach *Mount Victoria Regional Reserve, Mount Victoria *Nicholas Range Regional Reserve, Nicholas Range *North Esk Regional Reserve, North Esk *North Scottsdale Regional Reserve, North Scottsdale *Nunamara Regional Reserve, Nunamara *Old Park Regional Reserve, Old Park *Oxberry Plains Regional Reserve, Oxberry Plains *Paradise Plains Regional Reserve, Paradise Plains *Parangana Sugarloaf Regional Reserve, Parangana Sugarloaf *Peaked Hill Regional Reserve, Peaked Hill *Pepper Hill Regional Reserve, Pepper Hill *Pipers River Regional Reserve, Pipers River *Porcupine Hill Regional Reserve, Porcupine Hill *Promised Land Regional Reserve, Promised Land *Prossers Regional Reserve, Prossers *Pruana Regional Reserve, Pruana *Rayners Hill Regional Reserve, Rayners Hill *Ringarooma River Regional Reserve, Ringarooma River *Roaring Magg Hill Regional Reserve, Roaring Magg Hill *Savage River Pipeline Regional Reserve, Savage River Pipeline *Sawmill Creek Regional Reserve, Sawmill Creek *Sawpit Ridge Regional Reserve, Sawpit Ridge *Scamander Regional Reserve, Scamander *Shakespeare Hills Regional Reserve, Shakespeare Hills *Snow Hill Regional Reserve, Snow Hill *Snowy River Regional Reserve, Snowy River *South Esk Regional Reserve, South Esk *Staverton Regional Reserve, Staverton *Swan River Regional Reserve, Swan River *Teds Flat Regional Reserve, Teds Flat *Tombstone Creek Regional Reserve, Tombstone Creek *Trowutta Regional Reserve, Trowutta *Waratah Creek Regional Reserve, Waratah Creek *Warra Creek Regional Reserve, Warra Creek *Weavers Creek Regional Reserve, Weavers Creek *Welcome Swamp Regional Reserve, Welcome Swamp *Winterbrook Falls Regional Reserve, Winterbrook Falls IUCN V *Evercreech Regional Reserve, Evercreech *Humboldt Ridge Regional Reserve, Humboldt Ridge *Lizard Hill Regional Reserve, Lizard Hill *Styx River Regional Reserve, Styx River *Weld River Regional Reserve, Weld River IUCN VI *Avoca Regional Reserve, Avoca *Barway Spur Regional Reserve, Barway Spur *Briggs Regional Reserve, Briggs *Cameron Regional Reserve, Cameron *Castle Cary Regional Reserve, Castle Cary *Clear Hill Regional Reserve, Clear Hill *Crotty Ridge Regional Reserve, Crotty Ridge *Dip Range Regional Reserve, Dip Range *Dog Kennels Regional Reserve, Dog Kennels *Florentine River Regional Reserve, Florentine River *Four Mile Beach Regional Reserve, Four Mile Beach *Gog Range Regional Reserve, Gog Range *Leven Canyon Regional Reserve, Leven Canyon *Lukes Knob Regional Reserve, Lukes Knob *Meredith Range Regional Reserve, Meredith Range *Mount Dundas Regional Reserve, Mount Dundas *Mount Farrell Regional Reserve, Mount Farrell *Mount Heemskirk Regional Reserve, Mount Heemskirk *Mount Murchison Regional Reserve, Mount Murchison *Mount Roland Regional Reserve, Mount Roland *Parting Creek Regional Reserve, Parting Creek *Renison Bell Regional Reserve, Renison Bell *St Pauls Regional Reserve, St Pauls *Teepookana Regional Reserve, Teepookana *Tikkawoppa Plateau Regional Reserve, Tikkawoppa Plateau *Tyndall Regional Reserve, Tyndall *West Coast Range Regional Reserve, West Coast Range

State reserves

An area of land which provides protection and maintenance for significant natural landscapes, features, or sites of significance to Aboriginal people. There are 65 state reserves covering an area of about . Most are IUCN protected area categories, IUCN protected area category II or III. IUCN Ia *Dart Island State Reserve, Dart Island *Iron Pot State Reserve, Iron Pot IUCN II *Alum Cliffs State Reserve, Alum Cliffs *Calm Bay State Reserve, Calm Bay *Devils Gullet State Reserve, Devils Gullet *Disappointment Bay State Reserve, Disappointment Bay *East Risdon State Reserve, East Risdon *Echo Sugarloaf State Reserve, Echo Sugarloaf *Hellyer Gorge State Reserve, Hellyer Gorge *Lavinia State Reserve, Lavinia *Lime Bay State Reserve, Lime Bay *Peter Murrell State Reserve, Peter Murrell *Pieman River State Reserve, Pieman River *St Patricks Head State Reserve, St Patricks Head *Three Hummock Island State Reserve, Three Hummock Island *Welcome River State Reserve, Welcome River *Wye River State Reserve, Wye River IUCN III *Bradys Lookout State Reserve, Bradys Lookout *Cape Wickham State Reserve, Cape Wickham *Derwent Cliffs State Reserve, Derwent Cliffs *Eaglehawk Bay State Reserve, Eaglehawk Bay *Eugenana State Reserve, Eugenana *Fairy Glade State Reserve, Fairy Glade *Ferndene State Reserve, Ferndene *Forest Vale State Reserve, Forest Vale *Forth Falls State Reserve, Forth Falls *Gunns Plains Cave State Reserve, Gunns Plains Cave *Hastings Caves State Reserve, Hastings Caves *Henty Glacial Erratics State Reserve, Henty Glacial Erratics *Holwell Gorge State Reserve, Holwell Gorge *Ida Bay State Reserve, Ida Bay *Junee Cave State Reserve, Junee Cave *Kimberley Springs State Reserve, Kimberley Springs *Liffey Falls State Reserve, Liffey Falls *Little Peggs Beach State Reserve, Little Peggs Beach *Lookout Rock State Reserve, Lookout Rock *Marriotts Falls State Reserve, Marriotts Falls *Mersey Bluff State Reserve, Mersey Bluff *Mount Barrow State Reserve, Mount Barrow *Mount Barrow Falls State Reserve, Mount Barrow Falls *Mount Montgomery State Reserve, Mount Montgomery *Mount Pearson State Reserve, Mount Pearson *Notley Gorge State Reserve, Notley Gorge *Quarantine Station State Reserve, Quarantine Station *Roger River State Reserve, Roger River *Safety Cove State Reserve, Safety Cove *Seal Rocks State Reserve, Seal Rocks *St Columba Falls State Reserve, St Columba Falls *St Marys Pass State Reserve, St Marys Pass *Stewarts Bay State Reserve, Stewarts Bay *Sundown Point State Reserve, Sundown Point *Table Cape State Reserve, Table Cape *Tessellated Pavement State Reserve, Tessellated Pavement *The Nut State Reserve, The Nut *The Steppes State Reserve, The Steppes *Three Thumbs State Reserve, Three Thumbs *Trial Harbour State Reserve, Trial Harbour *Trowutta Caves State Reserve, Trowutta Caves *Waterfall Creek State Reserve, Waterfall Creek *Weldborough Pass State Reserve, Weldborough Pass *West Point State Reserve, West Point *Yellow Creek State Reserve, Yellow Creek

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