Parklands is an electoral ward of Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England. It encompasses the northern edge of the suburb of Gosforth, north of the Metro line and bisected north–south by the Great North Road to the northern boundary of the City of Newcastle, bounded to the west by the A1 and east by the A189. It possesses large areas of green space including Gosforth Park Race Course, Gosforth Wood and Gosforth Lake, plus a number of golf courses. Melton Park contains the remains of a medieval chapel which is a scheduled ancient monument.http://parklands.newcastle.gov.uk/

Component parts

For electoral purposes, following boundary changes in 2018, the incorporation of Garden Village and fields to the north on which North Gosforth Park housing is being built, Parklands Ward is divided into 6 polling districts * UO1 - Grange Estate/Park * UO2 - Brunton Park, North Brunton and Great Park east of A1 (Melbury and Warkworth Woods) * UO3 - North Gosforth Park * UO4 - Melton Park north to Sandy Lane and east to Salters Lane * UO5 - Whitebridge Park and Halls Estate * UO6 - Garden Village The electorate grew from 8639 (2019) to 8848 (2020)


There are six schools within the Parklands ward: *Broadway East First School *Grange First School *Gosforth East Middle School *Gosforth Park First School *Gosforth Academy, formerly Gosforth High School *St Oswald's Primary School

Other facilities

* Gosforth Park race course * Gosforth Golf Club * City of Newcastle Golf Club * Parklands Golf Club * Northumberland Golf Club * Northern Rugby Club * Gosforth Sports Association (rugby, cricket, baseball, Australian Rules) * Red House Farm Juniors Football Club * Benson Park (tennis, Bohemians football) * St Aidan's Church * Gosforth Park Nature Reserve * Allotments (inc Three Mile, Woodlea Gardens) * Local shopping at Brunton Park, Melton Park and Grange (Great North Road) * Doctors surgeries (Brunton Park, Great North Road)


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