The National Institute of Building Sciences is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that brings together representatives of government, the professions, industry, labor and consumer interests, and regulatory agencies to focus on the identification and resolution of problems and potential problems that hamper the construction of safe, affordable structures for housing, commerce and industry throughout the United States. Authorized by the U.S. Congress in the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, NIBS provides an authoritative source and a unique opportunity for free and candid discussion among private and public sectors within the built environment. The organization's mission to serve the public interest is accomplished by supporting advances in building sciences and technologies for the purpose of improving the performance of our nation's buildings while reducing waste and conserving energy and resources.

Councils and Workgroups

* Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) * Building Information Management (BIM) Council (formerly the buildingSMART alliance) * Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) * Consultative Council * Facility Management and Operations Council (FMOC) * Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council (MMC) * Off-Site Construction Council * Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) Workgroup

Technology programs

* HAZUS * ProjNet * Whole Building Design Guide WBDG


* NIBS Member Quarterly Newsletter

Standards and publications

* National BIM Standard - United States * United States National CAD Standard Former councils include: * Facility Information Council (FIC) * International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI)

Charter members

*  Mortimer M. Marshall Jr., FAIA *  Homer Hurst

See also

* National CAD Standard * Whole Building Design Guide

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