This is a list of missions, operations, and projects. Missions in support of other missions are not listed independently.

World War I

''See also List of military engagements of World War I'' *''Operation Albion, Albion'' (1917) — German capture of Oesel, Dagö and Moon Islands (now Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Muhu). *''Operation Hush, Hush'' (1917) — Planned Allied amphibious landing on the Belgian coast. *''German spring offensive, Kaiserschlacht'' ('Kaiser's battle') (1918) — German Spring offensive using armies released from the Eastern Front composed of 4 offensives: **''German spring offensive#Blücher-Yorck, Blücher-Yorck'' (1918) **''German spring offensive#Gneisenau, Gneisenau'' (1918) **''German spring offensive#Georgette, Georgette'' (1918) **''German spring offensive#Michael, Michael'' (1918) *''Battle of Asiago, Strafexpedition'' (''Punitive Expedition'') (1916) — operation by the Austro-Hungarian Army against Italy (Italian northern front): the largest mountain battle ever fought. *''Zeebrugge Raid, Z-O'' (1918) — British raid on Zeebrugge.

World War II

''See List of World War II military operations''

Cold War Era


*''Operation Pig Bristle, Pig Bristle'' (1946) — Unusual Australian operation to fly pig bristles needed to manufacture paint brushes out of China during the Chinese Civil War *''1953 Iranian coup d'état, Ajax'' (1953) — Anglo-American plan for 1953 Iranian coup d'état, Iranian coup d'état that deposed Mohammed Mosaddeq and reinstalled Mohammad Reza Pahlavi *''Operation Atilla, Atilla'' (1974) — Turkish invasion of Cyprus, leading to subsequent Military occupation, occupation of northern Cyprus *''Indonesian Invasion of East Timor, Operation Seroja'' (1975) — Indonesian invasion of East Timor, the largest Military Operation conducted by Military of Indonesia, Indonesian military, leading to subsequent Indonesian occupation of East Timor, Integration of East Timor to Indonesia until 1999 *''Operation Cactus, Cactus'' (1988) — Indian armed forces oust Tamil nationalism, Tamil nationalist Mercenary, mercenaries of People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam, PLOTE who instigated a coup in Malé in the Maldives. *''Operation Chengiz Khan'' (1971) — Pakistan Air Force launches preemptive attacks on Indian air bases. *''Operation Claret, Claret'' (1964) — British Special Air Service, SAS, New Zealand Special Air Service, NZSAS and Australian Australian Special Air Service Regiment, SASR patrols into Indonesia **''Mau Mau Uprising#State of Emergency, Jock Scott'' (1952) — British rounding up of suspected insurgents at the beginning of the Mau Mau Uprising **''Mau Mau Uprising#Targeting the Suppliers, Anvil'' (1954) — British counter-insurgency operation in Nairobi during the Mau Mau Uprising *''Operation Eagle Claw, Eagle Claw'' (1980) — Attempted rescue of Iran Hostage Crisis, American hostages held in Tehran. *''Operation Earnest Will, Earnest Will'' (1987–88) — American protection of Kuwaiti oil tankers in the Persian Gulf during the Iran–Iraq War **''Operation Eager Glacier, Eager Glacier'' (1987–88) — U.S. spy planes gather intelligence about Iran. **''Operation Nimble Archer, Nimble Archer'' (1987) — U.S. retaliates for Iranian missile attack on reflagged Kuwaiti tanker. **''Operation Praying Mantis, Praying Mantis'' (1988) — U.S. retaliates against Iran for mining USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG-58), frigate. **''Operation Prime Chance, Prime Chance'' (1987–88) — Special operations to protect Kuwaiti tankers, run largely from barges in the northern Persian Gulf. *''Operation Evening Light, Evening Light'' (1980) — failed U.S. attempt to rescue embassy hostages in Tehran *''Operation Gibraltar, Gibraltar'' (1965) *''Operation Grand Slam, Grand Slam'' (1965) *''Operation Lucky Alphonse, Lucky Alphonse'' (1956) — British sweep of Troodos area on Cyprus for EOKA *''Operation Meghdoot, Meghdoot'' (1984) — Indian military's capture of the majority of Siachen Glacier. *''Operation Nimrod, Nimrod'' (1980) — rescue of hostages in the Embassy of Iran, London, Iranian embassy, London *''Operation Paul Bunyan, Paul Bunyan'' (1976) — UN forces remove a tree in the Korean Demilitarized Zone *Operation Sparrowhawk (Cyprus), Sparrowhawk I, II and III (1956) — British operations against EOKA on Cyprus. *''Team Spirit'' (1976–1993) — Annual joint exercise with South Korean forces. *''Operation Dwarka, Dwarka'' (1965) — Pakistan Navy's attack on the Indian coastal town of Dwarka on 7 September 1965. This was the first use of a Navy in the Indo-Pakistan Wars. *''Operation Trident (Indo-Pakistani War), Trident'' (1971) — Indian Navy's bombing and blockade of Karachi Port, Pakistan. *''Operation Storm-333, Storm-333'' (1979) — Storming Afghan Political and military headquarters *''Operation Grand Junction, Grand Junction'' (1968) — North Korea's TET 1968 attempt to attack US assets in Seoul.


*Berlin Airlift of 1948: **''Operation Vittles, Vittles'' — US part of the Berlin Airlift **
' — British part of the Berlin Airlift. *''Operation Gladio, Gladio'' (?) — Stockpiles of weapons in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and other countries for resistance to Soviet occupiers. *''Operation Gold, Gold'' (1954) — covert American tunnel under the Berlin Wall *''Operation Neptune (Espionage), Neptune'' (1964) — Soviet-led counterintelligence operation. *''Exercise REFORGER, Reforger'' — Annual American exercise to "return forces to Germany". *''Corfu Channel Incident, Retail'' (1946) — British clearance of naval mines laid in Albanian waters. *''Operation Silver (1949), Silver'' (1949) — covert British communications tap in Austria *''Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, Danube'' (1968) — Warsaw Pact invasion to halt Czechoslovakia's "Prague Spring" reforms *''Operation Banner, Banner'' (1969–2007) Deployment of British troops to Northern Ireland to prevent sectarian killings and support Royal Ulster Constabulary, the police during the 1969–1997 Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997, armed campaign of the Provisional IRA. Operation Banner resulted in over 700 British Armed Forces deaths and 303 police deaths at the hands of native Irish Republicans. 307 people were killed by the British troops, about 51% of whom were civilians and 42% of whom were members of republican paramilitaries.

South America

*''Operation Brother Sam#US involvement, Brother Sam'' (1964) — A US government contingency plan to support 1964 Brazilian coup d'état, the military coup that overthrew the Brazilian constitutional president João Goulart, if the coup had faced armed resistance *''The track down operation'' (1967) — that captured and executed Che Guevara#Bolivia, Che Guevara *''Operation Condor, Condor'' (1970s) — — A campaign run by then South American Military Dictatorships' intelligence services with United States' support, which goal was extrajudicial and secretly, find, capture and eliminate political dissidents who, had succeeded to escape political repression in their homelands but could be found in any of these other countries.

Central America and the Caribbean

*''Operation PBFORTUNE, Fortune'' (1950s) — 1951 Central Intelligence Agency, CIA plan for a coup in Guatemala. Executed as ''Operation PBSUCCESS, Success''. *''Operation PBSUCCESS, Success'' (1954) — 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala. *''Operation Northwoods, Northwoods'' (1960s) — plan to incite war between the United States and Cuba. *''Operation Peter Pan, Peter Pan'' (1960s) — transfer of Cubans to the US *''Bay of Pigs Invasion, Operation Pluto'' (1961) — plan to invade Cuba and overthrow its government using a CIA-trained force of Cuban exiles. *Operation Mongoose, Mongoose (1962) — plan for information gathering, sabotage, civil insurrection and overthrow of the Cuban government. *''Operation Ortsac, Phibriglex'' (1962) — US plan and mock invasion by its armed forces of a Caribbean island. The exercise took place on Vieques and the purpose of the mock invasion was to overthrow a fictitious leader called "Ortsac", whose name was, in fact, Castro spelled backwards. It occurred in August, shortly before the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is also known by the names ''Operation Ortsac'', ''Operation Swift Strike II'' and Exercise ''Phibriglex-62''. *''Operation Anadyr, Anadyr'' (1962) — Cuban-Soviet plan to base nuclear weapons in Cuba; the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis **''Operation Anadyr, Kama'' (1962) — Soviet plan to forward-base seven Soviet ballistic missile submarines in Mariel, Cuba (part of ''Anadyr'') *''Operation Power Pack, Power Pack'' (1965) — US deployment with Inter-American Peace Force, OEA military support in the Dominican Republic *''Waverider'' (1972) — **''Operation Acid Gambit, Acid Gambit'' — Rescue of Kurt Muse. **''Operation Bushmaster, Bushmaster'' — Security operations near US facilities. *''Invasion of Grenada, Urgent Fury'' (1983) — US invasion of Grenada *''Contras#Illegal covert operations, Contras covert operation'' (1980s) — Covert operations undertaken by Presidency of Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan's administration to provide financial, military, logistic and supply support for the Contras *''Operation Golden Pheasant, Golden Pheasant'' (1988) — US deployment in Honduras *''United States invasion of Panama, Just Cause'' (1989) — US invasion of Panama

Southern Africa

*''Operation Hurricane (Rhodesia), Hurricane'' (1972–1980) / — Operations by Rhodesian security forces against Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army, ZIPRA and Zimbabwe African National Union, ZANU guerillas in Mashonaland. *''Operation Overload, Overload'' (1974) — Rhodesian security forces operation to establish protected villages. *''Operation Savannah (Angola), Savannah'' (1975–76) — South African intervention in Angola in support of the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA). *''Operation Carlota, Carlota'' (1977) — Cuban Deployment to counter South African attacks to Angola. *''Operation Dingo, Dingo'' (1977) — Rhodesian attack on camps in Mozambique. *Operation Tangent (Rhodesia), Tangent (1977–1980) / — Operations by Rhodesian security forces against insurgents in Matabeleland. *Operation Favour (Rhodesia), Favour (1978–1980) / — Training of former insurgents to serve as security force auxiliaries in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. *''Operation Reindeer, Reindeer'' (1978) — South African airborne attack on South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO) base at Cassinga, Angola. *''Operation Rekstok, Rekstok'' (1979) — South African attack on SWAPO bases in Angola. *''Operation Saffraan, Saffraan'' (1979) — South African attack on SWAPO bases in Zambia. *''Operation Klipklop, Klipklop'' (1980) — South African disruption of SWAPO logistics in Angola. *''Operation Sceptic, Sceptic'' (1980) — South African attack on SWAPO bases in Angola. *''Operation Protea, Protea'' (1981) — South African attack on SWAPO bases near Ondjiva, Ongiva and Xangongo, Angola. *''Operation Carnation, Carnation'' (1981) — South African skirmishes with SWAPO forces along the Angolan border. *''Operation Meebos, Meebos'' (1982) — South African destruction of SWAPO's "East Front" HQ at Mupa, Angola. *''Operation Askari, Askari'' (1983) — South African attack on SWAPO and People's Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola (FAPLA) forces in Angola. *''Operation Phoenix (1983), Phoenix'' (1983) — South African response to mass SWAPO infiltration of South-West Africa *Operation Alpha Centauri, Alpha Centauri (1986) — South African operation in support of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) in Angola. *Operation Moduler, Moduler (1987) — South African operation to reverse the People's Armed Forces of Liberation of Angola, FAPLA advance on Mavinga and Jamba, Cuando Cubango, Jamba. *Operation Hooper, Hooper (1988) — South African operation followup to ''Modular'' in pursuit of retreating FAPLA forces. *Operation Packer, Packer (1988) — South African operation to push FAPLA and Cuban forces north of the Cuito river following ''Hooper''.


*''Opération Bison, Bison'' (1969-1972) — French intervention to counter FROLINAT insurgency. *''Opération Tacaud, Tacaud'' (1978-1980) — Operation to avoid FROLINAT rebels taking Chad's capital. *''Opération Manta, Manta'' (1983-1984) — Intervention in the Chadian-Libyan conflict. *''Opération Epervier, Épervier'' (1986-2014) — French military presence in Chad originally designed to counter Libyan expansion in Northern Chad, then continued to support Chad during the Sudanese backed Chadian Civil War (2005–2010), Chadian Civil War and later focused on counterterrorism against jihadi threats in the Sahel region.


*''Operation Dragon Blanc, Dragon Blanc'' (1964) — Operation White Dragon - Cancelled Belgian airborne intervention in Bunia - Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville), Congo *''Operation Dragon Noire, Dragon Noir'' (1964) — Operation Black Dragon - Belgian airborne intervention in Isiro, Paulis - Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville), Congo *''Operation Dragon Rouge, Dragon Rouge'' (1964) — Operation Red Dragon - Belgian airborne intervention in Kisangani, Stanleyville - Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville), Congo *''Operation Dragon Vert, Dragon Vert'' (1964) — Operation Green Dragon - Cancelled Belgian airborne intervention in Watsa - Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville), Congo *''Verveine'' (1977) — French intervention in Katanga Province, Shaba - Zaire *''Battle of Kolwezi#French Bonite (or Léopard) and Belgian Red Bean Operations, Bonite/Léopard'' (1978) — French airborne intervention in Kolwezi - Zaire *''Battle of Kolwezi#French Bonite (or Léopard) and Belgian Red Bean Operations, Red Bean'' (1978) — Belgian airborne intervention in Kolwezi - Zaire

Central African Republic

*''Jean-Bédel Bokassa#Operations Caban and Barracuda, Barracuda'' (1979-1981) — Occupation of Bangui, Central African Republic as a peace-keeping intervention after the overthrow of Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa, Bokassa. *''Jean-Bédel Bokassa#Operations Caban and Barracuda, Caban'' (1979) — Capture of Bangui airport as a prelude to ''Operation Barracuda'' in order to overthrow Emperor Bokassa.

Falklands War (1982)

*''Operation Rosario, Rosario'' — Argentine joint operation **''Operation Algeciras, Algeciras'' — Planned Argentine sabotage raid. **''1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands#Operation Azul, Azul'' — Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands *''Operation Corporate, Corporate'' — British liberation **''Operation Paraquet, Paraquet'' — British recapture of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia. **''Operation Black Buck, Black Buck'' — British long-range bombing raid **''Operation Keyhole, Keyhole'' — British commando raid on Thule Island **''Operation Purple Warrior, Purple Warrior'' — British training exercise incorporating lessons from the Falklands War **''Operation Sutton, Sutton'' — British amphibious landings on San Carlos Water


*''Operation Argus, Argus'' (1959) — test of nuclear bombs in the Mesosphere, upper atmosphere. *''Operation Blowdown, Blowdown'' (1963) — Australia/US/UK simulated nuclear explosion in a rain forest. *''Operation Cyclone, Cyclone'' (1979) — US covert aid to Afghan mujahideen fighting the Soviets. *''Operation El Dorado Canyon, El Dorado Canyon'' (1986) — US strikes against Libya *''Operation Morning Light, Morning Light'' (1978) — Joint Canadian-US effort to recover Kosmos 954, a nuclear-powered Soviet RORSAT. *''Operation Morris Dance'' (1987) — Australian response to the first of the 1987 Fijian coups d'état. *''Operation Mount Hope III, Mount Hope III'' (1988) — covert recovery of a crashed Soviet-made Mil helicopter from Africa. *''Nuclear testing'' List of all known named nuclear tests.

Indochina War

*''Operation Adolphe, Adolphe'' (1953) — French operation against Việt Minh, Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Atlante, Atlante'' (1954) — French operation to pacify the local populace between Da Nang and Nha Trang and re-establish the sovereignty of the Bảo Đại government. *''Operation Bretagne, Bretagne'' (1952-1953) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Brochet, Brochet'' (1953) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Camargue, Camargue'' (1953) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Castor, Castor'' (1953) — French airborne operation to establish a fortified airhead in Điện Biên Province. *''Operation Ceinture, Ceinture'' (1947) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Condor (1954), Condor'' (1954) — French relief attempt of Dien Bien Phu. *''Operation Hirondelle, Hirondelle'' (1953) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Léa, Léa'' (1947) — French airborne attempt to capture the leaders of the Viet Minh. *''Operation Lorraine, Lorraine'' (1952) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''War in Vietnam (1945–46), Masterdom'' (1945-1946) — French and British Armies operation against Viet Minh in Indochina after the Liberation from Japan. *''Operation Mouette, Mouette'' (1953) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Papillon, Papillon'' (1947) — French operation against Viet Minh in Indochina. *''Operation Pollux, Pollux'' (1953) — French evacuation of troops stationed in Lai Châu Province. *''Operation Vulture, Vulture'' (1954) — Aborted American air support of French troops against the Viet Minh around Dien Bien Phu.

Korean War

*''Operation Blue Hearts, Blue Hearts'' (1950) — UN amphibious landings at Pohang. *''Operation Courageous, Courageous'' (1951) — Movement of UN infantry units up the Imjin River. **''Operation Tomahawk, Tomahawk'' (1951) — Deployment of airmobile forces in the Battle of the Imjin River. *''Operation Commando (1951), Commando'' (1951) — Attack to the Jamestown Line. *''Operation Chromite, Chromite'' (1950) — UN invasion at Incheon, Inchon. *''Operation Little Switch, Little Switch'' (1953) — Exchange of sick and wounded prisoners of war between United Nations and North Korean/China, Chinese forces. **''Operation Big Switch, Big Switch'' (1953) *''Operation Ripper, Ripper'' (1951) — UN movements towards the 38th parallel to recapture Seoul. *''Operation Moolah'' (1953) — psychological operation against Communist MiG-15 pilots to defection, defect.

Vietnam War

*''Operation Arc Light, Arc Light'' (1965) — US Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, B-52 bombing campaign in Vietnam *''Operation Attleboro, Attleboro'' (1966) — U.S. and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) air mobile operations in Tây Ninh. *''Operation Babylift, Babylift'' (1975) — mass evacuation/airlift of orphans from South Vietnam to the U.S. and other countries *''Operation Barrel Roll, Barrel Roll'' (1964–73) — the bombing of Laos by U.S. forces, to support the Royal Laotian Army and CIA-trained Hmong people, Hmong. **''Operation Steel Tiger, Steel Tiger'' (1965–68) **''Operation Tiger Hound, Tiger Hound'' (1965–68) **''Battle of Ia Drang, Silver Bayonet'' (1965) — First major combat operation of the 1st Cavalry Division (United States), 1st Air Cavalry Div. **''Operation Commando Hunt, Commando Hunt'' (1968–72) — U.S. bombing of the Ho Chi Minh trail *''Operation Bolo, Bolo'' (1967) — Decoy mission to disguise the electronic signature of combat aircraft. *''Operation Chopper (Vietnam), Chopper'' (1962) — Major air mobile offensive near Saigon. *''Operation Cedar Falls, Cedar Falls'' (1967) — Attack on National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NVA or Viet Cong) positions in Bến Cát (the ''Iron Triangle (Vietnam), Iron Triangle'') *''Operation Dewey Canyon, Dewey Canyon'' (1971) — Offensive against People's Army of Vietnam, NVA communication lines in Laos. *''Operation Enhance Plus, Enhance Plus'' (1972) — Resupply of military equipment and consumables to the government of South Vietnam. *''Operation Flaming Dart, Flaming Dart'' (1965) — Reprisal bombing attacks by the United States Air Force, U.S. Air Force against NVA units. *''Operation Frequent Wind, Frequent Wind'' (1975) — Helicopter evacuation of U.S. citizens before the fall of Saigon. *''Operation Game Warden, Game Warden'' (1965) — first major U.S. riverine patrol operation. Later Patrol Craft Fast, Swift Boat operations included: **''Operation Ballistic Charge, Ballistic Charge'' **''Operation Beacon Star, Beacon Star'' **''Operation Beacon Torch, Beacon Torch'' **''Operation Bear Bite, Bear Bite'' **''Operation Bear Claw, Bear Claw'' **''Operation Beau Charger, Beau Charger'' **''Operation Beau Diddley, Beau Diddley'' **''Operation Beaver Cage, Beaver Cage'' **''Operation Bold Mariner, Bold Mariner'' **''Operation Boone, Boone'' **''Operation Canyon, Canyon'' **''Operation Daring Rebel, Daring Rebel'' **''Operation Deckhouse Five, Deckhouse Five'' (1967) **''Operation DeSoto, DeSoto'' **''Operation Dragon Fire (Vietnam), Dragon Fire'' **''Operation Fortress Ridge, Fortress Ridge'' **''Operation Seahawk, Seahawk'' **''Operation Sea Tiger, Sea Tiger'' **''Operation Market Time, Market Time'' (1965) *''Operation Hastings, Hastings'' (1966) — U.S. and ARVN counter-offensive operations in Quảng Trị *''Operation Homecoming, Homecoming'' (1973) — repatriation of U.S. prisoners of war from Vietnam *''Operation Leap Frog, Leap Frog'' (1968) — Systematic canvassing of the opinions of senior ARVN officers by U.S. military intelligence on likely NLF actions. *''Operation Menu, Menu'' (1969) — U.S. bombing of Cambodia *''Operations Malheur I and Malheur II, Malheur'' (1967) — Twin phased Search and destroy operations in Quảng Ngãi *''Operation Pegasus (1968), Pegasus'' (1968) — Resupply and relief operations to U.S. Marines Battle of Khe Sanh, besieged at Khe Sanh *''Phoenix Program, Phoenix'' (1968) — Central Intelligence Agency, CIA-organized assassination campaign against influential NLF operatives in South Vietnam *''Operation Rich, Rich'' (1968) — Combined arms assault near the Bến Hải River in the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone *''Operation Linebacker, Linebacker'' (1972) — Strategic bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong, and mining of Haiphong harbour. *''Operation Ranch Hand, Ranch Hand'' (1961–71) — Spraying of herbicides (including Agent Orange) by aircraft and ground forces. **''Operation Trail Dust, Trail Dust'' *''Operation Rolling Thunder, Rolling Thunder'' (1967–68) — Bombing of North Vietnam *''Operation Sealords, Sealords'' (1968) — Mekong Delta and inland waterways campaign by the U.S. Navy in Vietnam *''Operation Starlite, Starlite'' (1965) — United States Marine Corps actions near Chu Lai. *''Operation Sunrise (Vietnam War), Sunrise'' (1962) — Relocation of Vietnamese peasantry around Saigon to "strategic hamlets." *''Operation Tailwind, Tailwind'' (1970) — Alleged use of nerve gas against U.S. defectors in Laos. *''Operation Toan Thang 42, Toan Thang 42'' (1970) — ARVN incursion into Cambodia *''Operation Union, Union I and Operation Union II, II'' (1967) — American Marines in the Quế Sơn Valley. ** March–April 1958: Operation Booster Shot, nationwide ** 22 January 1959–19 April 1961: Project Hotfoot (Laos), nationwide ** December 1958: North Vietnamese invasion of Laos, in Military Region 3 (MR 3) ** 25 December 1959: 1960 Laotian coups, in Military Region 5 (M5) ** 10 August 1960: 1960 Laotian coups, in MR 5 ** 13–16 December 1960: Battle of Vientiane, in MR 5 ** 17 January 1961–30 September 1974: Operation Momentum, in Military Region 2 (MR 2) ** 31 January–6 June 1961: Battle of Ban Pa Dong, in Military Region 1 (MR 1) ** 13 March–August 1961: Operation Millpond, nationwide, (cancelled) ** 13 December 1961–10 September 1962: Operation Pincushion, in Military Region 4 (MR 4) ** January–5 May 1962: Battle of Luang Namtha, in MR 1 ** 25 May 1963: Chinese Road in MR 1 ** Summer 1963–1972: Operation Hardnose, in MR 3 and MR 4 ** November 1963–January 1964: Battle of Lak Sao, in MR 3 ** Late 1963–mid-1967: Wapi Project, in MR 4 ** 18 April 1964: 1964 Laotian coups, in MR 5 ** 19–29 July 1964: Operation Triangle, in MR1, MR2, and MR 5 ** 19 July 1964–March 1973: Unity (military operation), in MR 2 and MR 4 ** 4 August 1964: 1964 Laotian coups, in MR 5 ** 14 December 1964—22 February 1973: Operation Barrel Roll, in MR 2 ** 31 January 1965: 1965 Laotian coups, in MR 5 ** 3 April 1965–11 November 1968: Operation Steel Tiger in MR 3 and MR 4 ** Late 1965: Operation Star (Laos), in MR 3 ** 5 December 1965–end of 1968: Operation Tiger Hound in MR 3 and MR 4 ** 17 February 1966: Battles of Nakhang, in MR 2 ** 23 May 1966: Second Battle of Nakhang, in MR 2 ** August 1966–January 1968: Battle of Nam Bac, in MR 1 ** 21 October 1966: 1966 Laotian coup, in MR 5 ** 6 January 1967: Third Battle of Nakhang, in MR 2 ** 9 January 1967: Ban Naden raid, in MR 3 ** 29 July–1 August 1967: 1967 Opium War, on Burmese border of MR 1 ** 23 January 1968: Battle of Ban Houei Sane, in MR 3 ** 10–11 March 1968: Battle of Lima Site 85, in MR 2 ** 26 November 1968–7 January 1969: Operation Pigfat, in MR 2 ** 28 February 1969: Fourth Battle of Nakhang, in MR 2 ** 17 March–7 April 1969: Operation Raindance, in MR2 ** 12 March 1969: Battles of Bouamlong, in MR 2 ** 18–27 June 1969: Campaign Toan Thang, in MR 2 ** 21–26 June 1969: Operation Left Jab in MR 4 ** 1–15 July 1969: Operation Off Balance, in MR 2 ** 28 July–17 October 1969: Operation Junction City Jr., in MR 3 ** 6 August–30 September 1969: Kou Kiet, in MR 2 ** 13 September 1969–25 April 1970: Campaign 139, in MR 2 ** 20 September 1969–9 March 1970: Operation Diamond Arrow, in MR 4 ** 15 November 1968–29 March 1969: Operation Commando Hunt, in MR 3 and MR 4 ** 2–26 July 1970: Operation Maeng Da, in MR 3 ** 31 August–mid-December 1970: Operation Honorable Dragon, in MR 4 ** 11–13 September 1970: Operation Tailwind, in MR 4 ** 26 September 1970–7 January 1971: Operation Counterpunch, in MR 2 ** 19 October–13 November 1970: Tchepone Operation, in MR 3 ** 1 January–May 1971: Project Copper, in MR 4 ** 5 January–11 February 1971: Operation Silver Buckle, in MR 3 ** 2 February–late May 1971: Campaign 74B, in MR 2 ** 8 February–25 March 1971: Operation Lam Son 719, in MR 4 ** 16 February–29 March 1971: Operation Desert Rat, in MR 3 ** 2 April–20 August 1971: Operation Phalat, along Thai border of MR 1 ** 7 April–27 June 1971: Operation Xieng Dong, in MR 1 ** 15 May–late September 1971: Operation Phoutah, in MR 3 ** 9–11 June 1971: Operation Phiboonpol, in MR 4 ** 27 July–31 October 1971: Operation Sayasila, in MR 4 ** 5 August–25 September 1971: Phou Khao Kham, in MR 5 ** September 1971: Operation Sourisak Montry, along Thai border of MR 1 ** 1–9 November 1971: Operation Bedrock (Laos), in MR 4 ** 1 November–23 December 1971: Operation Thao La, in MR 4 ** 17 December 1971–30 January 1972: Campaign Z, in MR 2 ** 30 December 1971–16 March 1972: Operation Maharat, in MR 1 and MR 5 ** 1 February–17 March 1972, Operation Strength I, in MR 2 ** 11 February–ca 31 March 1972, Operation Sinsay in MR 4 ** 6–30 March 1972: Operation Strength II, in MR 2 ** 1–27 April 1972: Operation Fa Ngum, in MR 4 ** June 1972: Operation Sourisak Montry VIII, along Thai border of MR 1 ** 15 June–19 October 1972: Operation Black Lion, in MR 4 ** 26 July–27 September 1972: Operation Phou Phiang II, in MR 2 ** 18 October 1972––22 February 1973: Operation Black Lion III, in MR 4 ** 28 October–27 December 1972: Campaign 972, on the MR2/MR 3 boundary ** 21 November 1972–22 February 1973: Operation Black Lion V, in MR 4 ** 7 December 1972–early May 1973: The Vinh wiretap ** 6 January–5 February 1973: Operation Maharat II, in MR 5 ** 18 January–March 1973: Operation Phou Phiang III, in MR 2 ** 20 August 1973: 1973 Laotian coup, in MR 5

Post–Cold War


*''Operation Safed Sagar, Safed Sager'' (1999) — Indian Air Force operations in the Kargil War.

Sri Lankan Civil War

*''Vadamarachchi Operation'' (1997) — military offensive carried out by the Sri Lankan Military *''Operation Riviresa'' (1995) — operation launched by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces to capture the Jaffna peninsula. *''Operation Jayasikurui'' (1997-1999) — *''2008–09 Sri Lankan Army Northern offensive'' (2008/09) — Final major operation of the country's 25-year-old civil war. *''Jaffna University Helidrop'' (1987) — First of the operations launched by the Indian Forces (IPKF) aimed at disarming the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) by force and securing the town of Jaffna. *''Operation Pawan'' (1987) — Indian Mission to take control of Jaffna


*''Clean Corridor'' (1994) — Escort of Tutsi military forces to Kigali by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). *''Green Beam'' (1990) — Belgian military evacuation of civilians in Rwanda. *''Ippocampo'' (1994) — Italian codename for evacuation of Italian civilians from Rwanda. *''Opération Noroît, Noroît'' (1990) — French codename for evacuation of civilians from Kigali at the start of the Rwandan Civil War. *''Silver Back'' (1994) — Belgian military evacuation of civilians and withdrawal of Belgian armed forces in Rwanda. *''Operation Tamar, Tamar'' (1994) — Australian contribution to peacekeeping in Rwanda. *''Operation Turquoise, Turquoise'' (1994) — French led intervention in Rwanda to protect displaced persons.


*''Opération Antilope, Antilope'' (1997) — French Army evacuation of French and foreign citizens from Pointe-Noire. *''Operation Artemis, Artemis'' (2003) — French led EU contribution to UN peace keeping mission during Ituri conflict, Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO). *''Operation Blue Beam, Blue Beam'' (1991) — Belgian military intervention and evacuation of civilians in Zaire. *''Operation Caravan, Caravan'' (2003) — Canadian contribution to the French-led Interim Emergency Multinational Force in the Democratic Republic of Congo. *''Operation Green Stream, Green Stream'' (1997) — Belgian military evacuation of civilians in Zaire. *''Opération Malebo, Malebo'' (1996) — French Army hostage rescue operation in Zaire. *''Operation Mistral South Africa, Mistral'' (2003) — South African contribution to the MONUC, Mission of the United Nations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) including the United Nations Force Intervention Brigade, Force Intervention Brigade. *''Opération Pélican, Pélican'' (1997) — French Army evacuation of French and foreign citizens from Brazzaville. *''Operation Teutonic, Teutonic'' (2005) — SANDF assistance to Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC transitional government.

Horn of Africa

*''Operation Addition, Addition'' (2000) — Canada's contribution to the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE). *''Operation Atalanta, Atalanta'' (2008–present) — EU military presence off the coast of Somalia to act against piracy. *''Operation Deliverance, Deliverance'' (1993) — Canadian mission to Somalia. *''Operation Eastern Exit, Eastern Exit'' (1991) — US evacuation of its embassy in Somalia. *''Operation Espresso, Espresso'' (2002) — South African contribution to the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE). *''Operation Gothic Serpent'' (1993) — United States special operation with the primary mission of capturing faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid in Somalia. *''Opération Iskoutir, Iskoutir'' (1992-1999) — French Army intervention for enforcement of ceasefire during and after the Djiboutian Civil War. *''Operation Restore Hope, Restore Hope'' (1992) — American name for UNITAF, humanitarian intervention in Somalia. **''Opération Oryx, Oryx'' (1992-1993) — French Army contribution to ''Operation Restore Hope''. *''Operation Solace, Solace'' (1992) — Australian deployment in Somalia.

Mano River Region

*''Operation Barras, Barras'' (2000) — Rescue of British hostages/soldiers and SAS destruction of a rebel group in Sierra Leone. *''Opération Espadon, Espadon'' (1997) — French codename for evacuation of French civilians during Sierra Leone Civil War. *''Opération Licorne, Licorne'' (2002) — French Army contribution to the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire. *''Operation Montego, Montego'' (2003) — South African contribution to United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL). *''Operation Phillis, Phillis'' (2004) — Evacuation of British citizens from Ivory Coast. *''Opération Providence, Providence'' (2003) — French codename for evacuation of French and foreign civilians from Monrovia during Second Liberian Civil War. *''Operation Sharp Edge, Sharp Edge'' (1990–1991) — Evacuation of Americans from Liberia. *''Operation Shining Express, Shining Express'' (2003) — Evacuation of Americans from Liberia.

Central Africa

*''African Union Mission in Burundi'' (2003-2004) — African Union mission to Burundi, later replaced by United Nations Operation in Burundi. *''Opération Boali, Boali'' (2002-2013) — French intervention in the Central African Republic during the Central African Republic Bush War. It is replaced by ''Operation Sangharis''. *''EUFOR Tchad/RCA'' (2007-2009) — French led EU peace keeping mission in Chad and Central African Republic during Chadian Civil War (2005–2010), Chadian Civil War. *''United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad, MINURCAT'' (2009-2010) — UN mission that succeeded EUFOR Tchad/RCA. *''Operation Sangaris, Sangaris'' (2013-2016) — Peace-keeping intervention in Central African Republic.


*''Operation Unified Protector, Unified Protector'' (2011) — NATO led intervention during the Libyan Civil War (2011), Libyan Civil War to enforce United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973. **''Operation Ellamy, Ellamy'' (2011) — British contribution to the operation ''Unified Protector''. **''Opération Harmattan, Harmattan'' (2011) — French contribution to the operation ''Unified Protector''. **''Operation Mobile, Mobile'' (2011) — Canadian contribution to the operation ''Unified Protector''. **''Operation Odyssey Dawn, Odyssey Dawn'' (2011) — US contribution to the operation ''Unified Protector''.


*''Operation Azure, Azure'' (2005) — Australian name for UN peace keeping mission in Sudan (UNMIS)

*''Operation Cordite, Cordite'' (2004) — South African observer mission to the African Union mission in Darfur. *''Operation Nilo, Nilo'' (2005) — Italian name for UN peace keeping mission in Sudan (UNMIS).

Western Sahara

*''Opération Lamantin, Lamantin'' (1977-1978) — French Army intervention in Mauritania during the Western Sahara conflict. *''United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara, MINURSO'' (1991–present) — UN peace keeping mission in Western Sahara.


*''Operation Liberation, Liberation'' (2002) — Seizure of Asian-owned assets in Zimbabwe. *''Operation Murambatsvina, Murambatsvina'' (2005) — Zimbabwe government's attack on residential district loyal to opposition groups.

Other Africa

*''Operation Albatros, Albatros'' (1993–94) — Italian contribution to UN peace keeping mission in Mozambique (UNOMOZ). *''Operation Azalee, Azalée'' (1995) — French reaction to the mercenary led coup in Comoros. *''South African intervention in Lesotho, Boleas'' (1998) — South African and Botswanan military intervention in Lesotho. *''Mission Corymbe, Corymbe'' (1990–present) — French Navy prepositioning off Gulf of Guinea acting against piracy and serving as backup for a potential evacuation of EU citizens from Western Africa in case of conflict. *''Operation Tanker Two, Tanker Two'' (2002) — South African Navy mission to shadow Greenpeace's ''MV Esperanza'' and prevent interception of the Pacific Teal, a plutonium transport.

East Timor

*''Operation Astute, Astute'' (2006) — Deployment of Australian military forces to East Timor following the May 2006 civil unrest. *''Operation Citadel, Citadel'' — Australia's contribution to the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET). Later ongoing peacekeeping actions were known as ''Operation Tanager''. *''Operation Chiron, Chiron'' — Training of East Timorese military forces by the Australian Defence Force. *''Operation Faber, Faber'' — Deployment of United Nations military observers to East Timor in support of the UNAMET-monitored popular consultation. *''Operation Poinciana, Poinciana'' (1975) — Or ''Operasi Flamboyan'' (a name of a tropical tree); seaborne capture of Dili in 1975. *''Indonesian invasion of East Timor, Seroja'' (1975) — Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975. *''Operation Stabilise, Stabilise'' — Also spelled as ''Operation Stabilize''; Australian Defence Force's involvement in the multinational force INTERFET, United Nations International Force in East Timor (INTERFET) in East Timor *''Operation Scorched Earth, Scorched Earth'' — Or ''Operasi Sapu Bersih'' in Indonesian language, Indonesian, also known as ''Operation Clean Sweep''; campaign of violence and arson allegedly committed by the Military of Indonesia, TNI-supervised pro-integration militias following the 1999 United Nations supervised plebiscite. *''Operation Spitfire, Spitfire'' — Evacuation of foreign nationals from East Timor by Australian defence assets, as a result of post-referendum violence. *''Operation Toucan, Toucan'' — Canada's contribution to the INTERFET, United Nations' International Force in East Timor (INTERFET) and the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) *''Operation Warden, Warden'' — Military operation involving all contributing forces conducted under the multinational peacekeeping mission known as INTERFET, United Nations' International Force in East Timor (INTERFET)

Croatian War of Independence 1991-1995

*''Operation Otkos 10'' (end Oct-Nov 1991) — Croatian actions against Serbian forces on area from Mount Bilogora to Mount Papuk (on west of Slavonia). *''Operation Orkan 91'' (1991) — Follow-up Croatian offensive after Otkos 10. *''Operation Harmony, Harmony'' (1992) — Canada's contribution to the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), which was created in February 1992 to ensure the protection and demilitarization of three UN Protected Areas in Croatia. *''Operation Tiger (1992), Operation Tigar'' (July 1992) — Croatian military actions in occupied Dubrovnik hinterland, held by Serbian and Montenegrin regulars. *''Operation Medak pocket, Medački džep'' (September 1993) — Croatian offensive against Serbian forces with aim of relieving the city of Gospić from Serb shelling attacks. *''Operation Flash, Bljesak'' ("Flash") (March 1995) — Croatian offensive against Serbian forces, with aim of liberating occupied western Slavonia. *''Operation Storm, Oluja'' ("Storm") (August 1995) — Croatian major offensive against most areas under control of Serbian forces.

War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995

*''Operation Maritime Monitor, Maritime Monitor'' (July 1992 - November 1992) — in support of UN resolutions United Nations Security Council Resolution 713, 713 and United Nations Security Council Resolution 757, 757, operation which subsequently became: *''Operation Maritime Guard, Maritime Guard'' (November 1992 - June 1993) — in support of UN United Nations Security Council Resolution 787, Resolution 787. *''Operation Sharp Guard, Sharp Guard'' (June 1993 - October 1996) — Co-ordinated Western European Union, WEU and NATO evolution of Operation Maritime Guard in continuing support of UN United Nations Security Council Resolution 787, Resolution 787. *''Operation Sky Monitor, Sky Monitor'' (October 1992 - April 1993) — Monitoring by NATO Airborne Early Warning, NAEW of unauthorized flights in the airspace of Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Bosnian War. *''Operation Deny Flight, Deny Flight'' (April 1993 - December 1995) — NATO operation preventing the violation of the Bosnia-Herzegovina airspace, declared No-Fly Zone. *''Opération Balbuzard, Balbuzard'' (January 1993 - December 1995) — French military action aiming to liberate hostages in Sarajevo and ensure the safety of already deployed French elements of UNPROFOR in case of a potential evacuation. *''Operation Neretva '93, Neretva '93'' (1993) — Offensive of Bosnian Muslim forces against Bosnian Croats in northern and eastern Herzegovina. *''Operation Bøllebank, Bøllebank'' ("Hooligan-bashing" in Danish) (April 1994) — UN-forces' use of tanks against Bosnian Serbian forces. *''Operation Amanda, Amanda'' (1994) — Danish UN-forces' second engagement against Bosnian Serbian forces. *''Operation Summer '95, Summer '95'' (July 1995) — Croatian offensive in western Bosnia. *''Operation Sword '95, Sword '95'' (1995) — Bosnian Serbian offensive against Bosnian-Moslem forces in western Bosnia. *''Operation Koridor '95, Koridor '92'' (1995) — Bosnian Serbian operations against Moslem and Croatian military forces. *''Operation Deliberate Force, Deliberate Force'' (August - September 1995) — NATO air campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina. *''Operation Tiger (1994), Tiger'' (1994) — Offensive of pro-government Bosnian Muslim forces against forces of Fikret Abdić. *''Operation Maestral, Maestral'' (September 1995) — Major Croatian offensive in western Bosnia. *''Operation Južni Potez, Južni Potez'' (October 1995) — Croatian offensive in area around Mrkonjić Grad. *''Operation Sana, Sana'' (1995) — Bosnian offensive in northwestern Bosnia. *''Operation Pauk, Pauk'' (1995) — Bosnian Serbian and rebel Croatian Serb offensive in northwestern Bosnia. *''Operation Una, Una'' (1995) — Croatian operation against Bosnian Serbian Army.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Post Bosnian War)

*''Operation Joint Endeavor, Joint Endeavor'' (December 1995) — NATO peace-keeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which established Implementation Force, IFOR *''Operation Joint Guard, Joint Guard'' (December 1996 - 1998) — NATO peace-keeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which established SFOR *''Operation Joint Forge, Joint Forge'' (1998-2004) — NATO peace-keeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina following ''Operation Joint Guard'' *''EUFOR Althea'' (2004 - ) — European Union peace-keeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina following ''Operation Joint Forge'', replacing IFOR and SFOR.

Kosovo War 1999

*''Operation Allied Force, Allied Force'' (1999) — NATO's air campaign in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia *''Operation Megaphone, Megaphone'' (2000) — Canada's return of equipment used in Kosovo *''Operation Quadrant, Quadrant'' (1999–2002) — Canada's mission in Kosovo *''Joint Guardian'' (1999 – ) — NATO operation which established KFOR


*''Operation Able Sentry, Able Sentry'' (1993–1994) — Berlin Brigade deployed as part of Multi-National United Nations Protection Forces (UNPROFOR) to the Republic of Macedonia to establish Camp Able Sentry and monitor sanctions imposed by NATO against Serbia/Kosovo. *This mission was later taken over by the (then) Germany-based, 3rd Infantry Div (Mech). *''Operation Echo, Echo'' (1998-2000) — Canada sending air forces to Aviano, Italy to enforce a no-fly zone over Balkan Peninsula, Balkan region (UNSFOR and UNKFOR). *''Operation Essential Harvest, Essential Harvest'' (2001) — month-long NATO mission of disarming Albanians, ethnic Albanians in North Macedonia, Macedonia. **''Operation Forage, Forage'' (2001-2002) — Canadian contribution to NATO's ''Essential Harvest''. *''Operation Kinetic (1999), Kinetic'' (1999-2000) — Canada's contribution to NATO's mission Kosovo Force, KFOR to secure Kosovo and Macedonia and to provide humanitarian needs to displaced persons. *Operation Mountain Storm, ''Mountain Storm'' (2007) — Macedonian special police operation against Albanian extremists.


*''Operation Constable, Constable'' (1997) — Canada's contribution to the United Nations Mission in Haiti *''Operation Uphold Democracy, Uphold Democracy'' (1994–1995) — U.S. led multinational intervention aimed at removing the military regime after the 1991 coup in Haiti. This operation was later replaced by United Nations Mission in Haiti, UNMIH. *''Operation Uphold Democracy, New Horizon'' (1995–1996) — U.S. mission in support (and under the command) of United Nations Mission in Haiti *''Operation Secure Tomorrow, Secure Tomorrow'' (2004) — US led multinational force, authorized by the UN as the Multinational Interim Force (MIF) which was replaced by the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH. **''Opération Carbet, Carbet'' (2004) — French codename for peace-keeping intervention in Haiti. *''MINUSTAH'' (2004–present) — United Nations peace-keeping presence in Haiti.

Persian Gulf War

*''Gulf War#Operation Desert Shield, Desert Shield'' (1990–1991) — American buildup prior to Gulf War **''Opération Busiris, Busiris'' (1990-1991) — Presence of French Army elements stationed in the United Arab Emirates, UAE as deterrent against potential Iraqi Army action **''Opération Salamandre, Salamandre'' (1990-1991) — Deployment of French Army in preparation of operations Busiris and Daguet. *''Operation Desert Storm, Desert Storm'' (1991) — Gulf War **''Opération Artimon, Artimon'' — French Navy enforcement of UN resolutions United Nations Security Council Resolution 661, 661 and United Nations Security Council Resolution 665, 665 during the Gulf War **''Opération Daguet, Daguet'' ("''Brocket deer''") — French codename for operations during the Gulf War **''Operation Damask, Damask'' — Royal Australian Navy deployment to the Persian Gulf. **Operation Desert Sabre, ''Desert Sabre'' — The ground campaign which began on 24 February 1991. **''Operation Granby, Granby'' — British codename for operations during the Gulf War **''Operazione Locusta, Locusta'' ("''Locust''") — Italian codename for operations during the Gulf War. **''Opération Phèdre, Phèdre'' — French Navy codename for surveillance of Suez Canal. *''Operation Ace Guard, Ace Guard'' (1991) — (NATO) Allied Command Europe Mobile Force for Turkey South Border Reinforcement (based at Diyarbakir AFB)

Iraq (post-Gulf War)

*''Operation Provide Comfort, Provide Comfort'' (1991–1996) — Security and humanitarian aid to Kurds in northern Iraq and Iraqi no-fly zones, No-Fly Zone North of 36°N over Iraq. **''Operation Airone, Airone'' (1991) — Italian codename for Operation Provide Comfort. **''Operation Haven, Haven'' (1991) — Security and humanitarian aid to Kurds in Northern Iraq. **''Opération Libage, Libage'' (1991) — French codename for Operation Provide Comfort in the Iran–Turkey barrier, Turkey-Iraq border area. **''Opération Ramure, Ramure'' (1991) — French codename for Operation Provide Comfort in the Iran–Iraq border, Iran-Iraq border area. *''Operation Record, Record'' (1991-2001) — Canadian mission to secure Iraq–Kuwait barrier, Iraqi-Kuwaiti border. *''Operation Southern Watch, Southern Watch'' (1991–2003) — No-Fly Zone South of 33°N over Iraq. **''Opération Alysse, Alysse'' (1992-2003) — French codename for contribution to Operation ''Southern Watch''. **''Operation Bolton, Bolton'' (1997-2001) — UK Royal Air Force Contribution to Southern Watch. **''Operation Resinate South, Resinate South'' (2001-2003) — UK Contribution to Southern Watch including Response Options. *''Operation Southern Breeze, Southern Breeze'' (1991) — Demining operations of Kuwaiti waters. *''Operation Desert Strike, Desert Strike'' (1996) — retaliation attacks on Iraq. *''Operation Determination, Determination'' (1998) — Canadian deployment in the Persian Gulf to force Iraq to comply with United Nations inspection agreements. *''Operation Northern Watch, Northern Watch'' (1997–2003) — Iraqi no-fly zones, No-Fly Zone North of 36°N over Iraq. **''Operation Resinate North, Resinate North'' (2001-2003) — UK Contribution to Northern Watch including Response Options. *''Operation Desert Fox, Desert Fox'' (1998) — Bombing campaign on military Iraqi targets. * ''Desert Falcon'' (1991–2003) United States MIM-104 Patriot, PATRIOT missile defense of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Israel from the Iraqi al Hussein (missile), Scud missile threat.


*''Russo-Georgian War'' (2008) — military operation repelling Georgian attack on South Ossetia *''Battle of Tskhinvali, Operation Clear Field'' (2008) — Failed Attempt to Capture Tskhinvali

Armenia (First Nagorno-Karabakh War)

*''Battle of Shusha (1992), Wedding in the Mountains'' (1992) — Invasion of the town of Shusha of Azerbaijan by the Armed Forces of Armenia, Armenian Armed Forces during the First Nagorno-Karabakh War

Middle East

*''Operation Blow to the Head, Blow to the Head'' (2010) — operation against the militants in the insurgent Yemeni town of Sa'dah in the Saada Governorate. *''Operation Scorched Earth, Scorched Earth'' (2009) — was the code-name of a Yemeni military offensive in the northern Saada Governorate . *''Opération Baliste, Baliste'' (2006) — French codename for evacuation of EU civilians during 2006 Lebanon War, Lebanon War. *''Opération Diapason, Diapason'' (1994) — French codename for evacuation of EU civilians during the Yemeni Civil War (1994), Yemeni Civil War. *''Operation Musketeer (1956), Musketeer'' (1956) — Tripartite operation aiming at gaining control of Suez Canal and removing Gamal Abdel Nasser from power in Egypt.

Global War on Terror and other associated activity

Afghanistan War

*War in Afghanistan (2001–present), Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan (2001-2014) International Security Assistance Force, ISAF — US led invasion of Afghanistan following the September 11 attacks, aiming to attack al-Qaeda and deny it a safe haven in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power. **Opération Arès, Arès (2003-2007) — Special Operations Command (France), French Special Forces contribution to the operation ''Enduring Freedom''. **Opération Épidote, Épidote (2002-2014) — French Army training of Afghan Army Officers. **Mission Héraclès, Héraclès (2001-2002) — French Navy contribution to the initial phase of operation ''Enduring Freedom''. **Opération Pamir, Pamir (2001-2014) — French Land Army contribution to the operation ''Enduring Freedom''. *War in Afghanistan (2015–present), Freedom's Sentinel (2015–present) Resolute Support Mission, RSM — Afghan and US led counterterrorism operations against the remnants of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan *Resolute Support Mission, Resolute Support (2015–present) Resolute Support Mission, RSM — NATO-led training, advising, and assistance mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. *Operation Allied Welcome (2021-Present) - Evacuation of US citizens, green card holders, Special Immigrant VISA holders, and their families.

Iraq War

*New Dawn (2010-2011) *''Iraq War#2003: Invasion, Iraqi Freedom'' (2003-2011) — US led invasion of Iraq under the claim that Saddam Hussein was producing Weapon of mass destruction, WMDs. **''See List of coalition military operations of the Iraq War, Iraq Operations Since 2003''


*''Operation Serval, Serval'' (2013) — French intervention in Mali to counter Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM progress. *''Operation Barkhane, Barkhane'' (2014) — French counter-terrorism activities in Sahel region to eradicate Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM presence. *''Operation Rijke, Rijke'' (2015) — Unconfirmed codename for rescue mission of Dutch hostage 2011 Timbuktu kidnapping, Sjaak Rijke detained in Mali since 2011.

Syrian War

*''Opération Chammal, Chammal'' (2014–present) — French airstrikes in Iraq and Syria to disrupt ISIS progress. *''Timber Sycamore'' (2012–present) — US and Jordan funding, training and arms supply program to support Syrian rebel forces in Syrian Civil War. *''Turkish military operation in Afrin, Olive Branch'' (2018–present) — Turkish offensive in Syria against the Democratic Union Party (Syria), PYD and the People's Protection Units, YPG. *''Operation Shader'' (2014–present) — UK operations in Iraq and Syria to counter ISIS.

Other military counter-terrorist operations

*''Operation Eagle Assist, Eagle Assist'' (2001) — Surveillance and protection of US skies by NATO military aircraft. *''Operation Noble Eagle, Noble Eagle'' (2001) — US military operations to prevent terrorism in the United States. *''Transit Center at Manas#Operation Enduring Freedom, Enduring Freedom - Kyrgyzstan'' (2001) *''Operation Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa, Enduring Freedom - Horn of Africa'' (2002) US military operations and civic assistance based in Djibouti. *''Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines, Enduring Freedom - Philippines'' (2002) US military operations in the Philippines against Abu Sayyaf insurgents. *''Operation Enduring Freedom – Pankisi Gorge, Enduring Freedom - Pankisi Gorge'' (2002) *''Operation Enduring Freedom – Trans Sahara, Enduring Freedom - Trans Sahara'' (2007) US military operations against terrorists in the Sahara/Sahel region of Africa. *''Operation Enduring Freedom – Caribbean and Central America, Enduring Freedom - Caribbean and Central America'' (2008)

Terrorist operations

*''Project Bojinka, Bojinka'' (1995) — Aborted Al-Qaeda plot to bomb eleven aircraft over Asia, and/or assassinate Pope John Paul II in the Philippines. *''Operation Jibril, Jibril'' (2001) — Aborted Jemaah Islamiah plan to bomb US, Australian, Israeli and British targets in Singapore. Also known as ''Operation C''. *''Operation Death Trains, Death Trains'' (2004) — Unverified name given by Al-Qaeda for the Madrid train bombings. *''Operation Wagon, Wagon'' (2003) — Unverified name given by Al-Qaeda for an aborted plan to bomb the London Underground and attack Heathrow Airport. *''2008 Mumbai attacks, Black Tornado'' (2008) — Name given to the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Mumbai shooting and bombing attacks perpetrated by Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Counter-terrorism drills

*''Operation Fast Forward, Fast Forward'' (2005) Mock evacuation of downtown Washington. *''Operation Firework Fanfare, Firework Fanfare'' (2005) Mock evacuation of towns in Oklahoma. *''Operation Highline, Highline'' (2005) Counter-terrorist exercise in Collingwood, Victoria, Collingwood, Melbourne. *''Operation Red Dragon (civil defense exercise), Operation Red Dragon'' (2009) Training of military and civil medical and other units in response to a mock chemical attack on a sporting event. *''Operation TriPOD, TriPOD'' (2004) Plan to mass inoculate New York City citizens in the event of a biological attack.

Preventive counter-terrorist operations

*''Operation Active Endeavour, Active Endeavour'' — NATO naval forces in the Mediterranean. **''Operation Sirius, Sirius'' (2005) — Canadian military participation in Operation Active Endeavour. *''Operation Asparagus, Asparagus'' — Investigation and arrest into suspected Islamist terrorists in Belgium by Belgian police. *''Operation Atlas, Atlas'' (2003) — counter-terrorism initiatives implemented by the New York Police Department. *''Operation Crevice, Crevice'' (2004) — British counterterrorism action. *''Operation Green Quest, Green Quest'' (2001) — US Customs anti-money laundering operations targeting ''Al-Barakat'' transactions. *''Operation Kratos, Kratos'' (2002) — Development and implementation of "shoot-to-kill" anti-terrorist policies by the London Metropolitan Police. *''Operation Laverda, Laverda'' (2003) — London Metropolitan Police surveillance operations against Islamist demonstrations. *''Operation Liberty Shield, Liberty Shield'' (2003) — Department of Homeland Security operations to enhance security at US installations, and to detain selected foreign nationals. *''Operation NYShield, NYShield'' (2003) — New York (state), New York state plan to secure transport centres and nodes. *''Operation Safe Commerce, Safe Commerce'' (2004) — Implementation of new measures and technology to improve maritime cargo screening. *''Opération Sentinelle, Sentinelle'' (2015–present) — Deployment of military troops on French territory following terror attacks. *''Operation Vigilance, Vigilance'' (2001) — Counter-terrorist operations conducted by the state of Arizona.

Reactive counter-terrorist operations

*''Operation Alliance, Alliance'' (2002) — Australian and Indonesian joint investigations into the 2002 Bali bombings. *''Operation Bali Assist, Bali Assist'' (2002) — Australian evacuation of killed and injured foreign nationals from Indonesia after the 2002 Bali bombings. *''Operation Seal, Seal'' (2004) — Arrest of suspected Islamist militants in Spain following the Madrid train bombings. *''Operation Support, Support'' (September 11–14, 2001) — Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Forces operations after the September 11, 2001 attacks *''Operation Tigris, Tigris'' (2004) — Spanish investigations into Islamist organisations in Spain. *''Operation Yellow Ribbon, Yellow Ribbon'' (2001) — Transport Canada's operations after the September 11, 2001 attacks


*''Operation Abacus, Abacus'' — Plan to use the Canadian Forces to maintain and restore vital public services in the event of disruption by the Year 2000 problem. *''Operation Artisan, Artisan'' — Canadian Forces contribution to the Rinas Airfield Rehabilitation Project in Tirana, Albania. *''Operation Breakwater, Breakwater

(2006) — Australian air and sea operation targeting border incursions by foreign fishing boats off its northern coastline. *''Operation Bright Star, Bright Star'' (1981) — American exercise to reinforce allies in the middle east. *''Operation Chaperon, Chaperon'' — Canada's contribution to the United Nations of one military observer to the United Nations Mission of Observers in Prevlaka, United Nation Mission of Observers in Prevlaka (UNMOP). *''Operation Celesta, Celesta'' — Australian naval surveillance in Australia's southern waters against illegal fishing. *''Operation Cranberry, Cranberry'' — Australian naval surveillance in Australia's northern waters against smuggling and illegal fishing. *''Operation Eclipse, Eclipse'' — Deployment of Canadian soldiers to east Africa in support of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE). *''Operation Flavius, Flavius'' (1988) — SAS action against the Irish Republican Army, IRA in Gibraltar. *''Operation Fusion, Fusion'' (2003) — Canada's combined contribution to ''Allied Harmony'' and ''Concordia''. *''Operation Garden Plot, Garden Plot'' — US Army plan for assistance to civil authorities. *''Opération Héphaïstos, Héphaïstos'' (1986–present) — French Army support to forest firefighting activities during summers. *''Operation Highjump, Highjump'' (1947) — US Naval expedition to Antarctica. *''Death of Osama bin Laden, Neptune Spear'' (2011) — US Navy SEALs operation that killed Osama bin Laden. *''Operation Nunalivut, Nunalivut'' (2006) — Canadian naval deployment in the Arctic. *''Operation Parabellum, Parabellum'' (2007) — Italian Mafia-Iraq arms deal investigation. *''Operation Power Geyser, Power Geyser'' (2005) — Military security support to the 2005 Presidential inauguration. *''Operation Prudence, Prudence'' (1999-1999) — Canada's participation in the Mission des Nations Unies dans la République Centrafricaine (MINURCA). *''Operation Relex, Relex'' (2001) — Australian defence force operations to secure Australia's northern maritime approaches against illegal immigration. Reactivated in 2004 as ''Operation Relex II''. *''Operation Sure Victory, Sure Victory'' (1997) — Sri Lankan counter-insurgency operations against the Tamil Tigers. *''Exercise Unified Spirit'' — Large NATO exercise held every two years to train the armed forces of member nations in joint and combined operations. *''Operation Vijay (1999), Operation Vijay'' (1999) — Indian operations against Pakistan during the Kargil war *"Operation Black Thunderstorm, Operation Tor Tander (Operation Black Thunderstorm)" (2009) — Pakistani military operation against Taliban terrorists and their affiliates. *"Operation Rah-e-Nijat, Operation Rah-e-Nijat (Operation Path to Salvation)" (2009) — Pakistani military operation against Taliban terrorists and their affiliates. *"Operation Rah-e-Rast, Operation Rah-e-Rast (Operation Right Path)" (2009–10) — Pakistani military operation against Taliban terrorists and their affiliates *"Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Operation Zarb-e-Azb (Operation Prophet's Sword)" (2014) — Pakistani military operation against Taliban terrorists and their affiliates. *"Operation Khyber 1,2,3,4, Operation Khyber 1,2,3,4 (Khyber 1,2,3,4)" (2014- 2017 continue) — Pakistani military operation in Khyber agency and surrounding areas against Taliban terrorists and their affiliates.

Law Enforcement

US Drug Enforcement Administration Operations

Other anti-narcotic operations

*''Operation Century, Century'' (1996) — ill-fated Essex police / Royal Ulster Constabulary operation to pressure persons of interest for information about a drug-related triple murder. *''Operation Corona, Corona'' (2001) — Miami police operations against heroin trafficking by the Latin Kings (gang), Latin Kings. *''Operation Falcon (Federal Dragnet), Falcon'' (2004) — anti-pedophilia raid against companies handling credit card payments. *''Operation Final Count, Final Count'' (2001) — Miami police operations against heroin trafficking by the John Aragon Heroin Organization. *''Operation Web Tryp, Web Tryp'' (2004) — American sting operation against sellers of psychedelics online. *''Operation Mocha, Mocha'' (2005) — New South Wales and federal police investigation into drug smuggling at Sydney airport. *''Operation Outta Towner, Outta Towner'' (2005) — Chicago police operations against heroin trafficking. *''Operation Panzer, Panzer'' (1998) — Australian National Crime Authority investigation into organised crime by outlaw motorcycle gangs (Outlaw motorcycle club, bikies). *''Operation Safe Streets, Safe Streets'' (2002) — Anti-drug trafficking operations by Philadelphia police. *''Operation Topaz, Topaz'' (2004) — United Nations convened operations against drug-smuggling in Central Asia.

Anti-child pornography operations

*''Operation Auxin, Auxin'' (2004) — Australian anti-child pornography effort. *''Operation Pin, Pin'' (2003) — British-led anti-child pornography effort.

Operations against intellectual property theft

*''Operation Buccaneer, Buccaneer'' (2001) — International raid on unauthorized software distribution. *''Operation D-Elite, D-Elite'' (2005) — US raid on software infringement operations. *''Operation Fastlink, Fastlink'' (2004) — International operation against illegally copied computer software. *''Operation Site Down, Site Down'' (2005) — International effort against illegally distributed films.

Other operations

*''Operation Ill Wind, Ill Wind'' (1986–89) — FBI investigation into defense contractor bribery and fraud. *''Operation Fast Forward, Fast Forward'' (2005) — Mock evacuation of downtown Washington. *''Operation FALCON, Falcon'' (2005) — Widespread dragnet led by the United States Marshals Service. *''Project Gunrunner, Gunrunner'' (2005–present) — A United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) project to stop the flow of firearms into Mexico, to deprive drug cartels of weapons. **''ATF gunwalking scandal, Wide Receiver'' (2006-2008) — A failed sting operation in which ATF attempted allowed guns to travel to Mexico in an attempt to track them to drug lords. The plan failed, and most guns were lost as they moved into Mexico. **''ATF gunwalking scandal, Fast and Furious'' (2009-2011) — A similar operation that caused a scandal when guns allowed to "walk" were used in several violent crimes. *''Operation Jackdraw, Jackdraw'' (2004) — London Metropolitan Police operations to prevent and deter pickpocketing. *''Operation Last Call, Last Call'' (2005) Texas operation aimed against drunkenness in bars. *''Operation Midas, Midas'' (2003) — Australian anti-money laundering operations by AUSTRAC. *''Operation Midnight Jackal, Midnight Jackal'' (2009) Pakistani coup attempt *''Minstead rapist case, Minstead'' (1998) — Metropolitan police operation directed at a serial rapist. *''Operation Olympic Games, Olympic Games'' (2008) Joint Israeli/American software attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. *''Perseus'' (1998) — British Transit Police. *''Operation Purana, Purana'' (2003) — Investigation of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), Victoria's underworld. *''Operation Sundevil, Sundevil'' (1999) — Nationwide United States Secret Service crackdown on illegal computer hacking activities. *''1981 Brixton riot, Swamp 81'' (1981) Metropolitan police operation that may have sparked the 1981 Brixton riot, Brixton riots. *''Operation Trident (Metropolitan Police), Trident'' (1998) — Crackdown by London's Metropolitan Police against drug-related gun crime in the black community. Later expanded to Operation Trafalgar. *''Thermcon'' (1987) — FBI operation that targeted environmental activists. *''Opération Anaconda, Anaconda'' (2002-2008) — French Army operation against illegal gold mining in French Guiana. *''Opération Tassergal, Tassergal'' (2007) — French Army operation against illegal fishing in French Guiana waters. *''Opération Harpie, Harpie'' (2008-2016) — French Army operation against illegal gold mining. Successor of ''Opération Anaconda''. *Operation Temperer, Temperer (2017) British Prime Minister Theresa May deployed armed forces on city streets in response to the Manchester Arena attack, Manchester Arena Bombing and the subsequent raising of the terror threat level from 'Severe' to 'Critical'. *2019 college admissions bribery scandal, Varsity Blues (2019) FBI investigation into college admissions fraud

Humanitarian Operations

*''Operation Ezra and Nehemiah, Ezra and Nehemiah'' (aka ''Ali Baba'') (1950–1952) — Mass migration/airlift of Iraqi Jews from Iraq to Israel. *Central (1998) — Canada's assistance to Central America after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch. *''Operation Anode, Anode'' (2000) — Australian military contribution as part of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands. *''Operation Assistance, Assistance'' (1997) — Canadian assistance to Manitoba after major flooding of the Red River of the North, Red River. *''Operation Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba'' (1952) — United States assistance to Hajj pilgrims. *''Operation Helpem Fren, Helpem Fren'' (2000) — Pidgin for ''helping friend'', multinational assistance to the Solomon Islands under the aegis of RAMSI. *Hawkeye (20 September 1989 - 17 November 1989) — Canada's assistance to St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands after the devastation of Hurricane Hugo. *''Operation Navy Help Darwin, Navy Help Darwin'' (1974) — Australian Naval assistance to Darwin, Northern Territory, Darwin after Cyclone Tracy. *Pakistan Assist (2005) — Australian Defence Force humanitarian operations providing support after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. *Peregrine (2003) — British Columbia forest fire fighting assistance by soldiers. *Persistence (1998) — Canadian operation at Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia to recover bodies after crash of SwissAir Flight 111. *Pyramid (1996) — Victoria, British Columbia Canadian Army Reserve assistance by soldiers after heavy snowstorm (1 metre deep) in Victoria, British Columbia, Victoria, British Columbia. *''Operation Recuperation, Recuperation'' (1998) — Canadian assistance after major snowstorms in eastern Canada. *''Operation Sumatra Assist, Sumatra Assist'' (2005) — Australian Defence Force humanitarian operations following the 2005 Nias–Simeulue earthquake. *Torrent (1999) — Canadian assistance after the 1999 İzmit earthquake in Turkey. *Lichi (2000) — South African rescue operations in Mozambique after major flooding due to Cyclone Eline. *''2004 Indian Ocean earthquake'' **''Operation Tsunami Assist, Tsunami Assist'' **Sea Wave which included: ***Mother (mainland relief) ***Mandat (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) ***''Operation Rainbow (2004), Rainbow'' (Sri Lanka) ***Castor (Maldives) ***Ghambir (Indonesia) *Dorca (2004) — French assistance in Darfur. *''Operation Unison, Unison'' (2005) — Canadian response to Hurricane Katrina.


*Timeline of United States military operations *List of amphibious assault operations *Nuclear testing, List of Nuclear Tests *Project Daedalus (British Interplanetary Society study to create a plausible design for an interstellar probe) *Project Longshot *Project Jennifer 1974 CIA lifting of a sunken Soviet submarine *Project RAND *Project Vanguard *Norwegian military operations abroad

Non-military operations

*''Operation Bojinka, Bojinka'' — Terrorism, terrorist plot by al-Qaida members Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, foiled in 1995 *''Operation Clambake, Clambake'' — anti-Scientology *''Operation Red Dog, Red Dog'' — Foiled invasion of Dominica by Ku Klux Klan, KKK-aligned White supremacy, white-supremacist mercenaries


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