This is a list of World Heritage Sites in Canada. The names in the tables below are the names of the properties as used on the website of UNESCO. There are three different types of properties possible: Cultural property, cultural, natural, and mixed. World_Heritage_Site#Selection_criteria, Selection criteria i, ii, iii, iv, v, and vi are the cultural criteria, and selection criteria vii, viii, ix, and x are the natural criteria. The dates for the properties on the World Heritage List are the dates of inscription, the dates for the tentative list are those of submission. The numbers are the reference numbers as used by UNESCO, and they link directly to the description pages of the properties on the UNESCO website.


Site – official designation of the World Heritage Committee.
Location – the province or territory where the site is located, with geocoordinates. In the case of multinational or multi-regional sites, names are sorted alphabetically after being sorted by country.
Criteria – as defined by the World Heritage Committee.
Area – in hectares and acres, followed by buffer zones if applicable. A value of zero implies that no data has been published by UNESCO.
Year – during which the site was inscribed to the List of World Heritage Sites, World Heritage Sites list.
Description – brief information about the site, including reasons for inscription.

World Heritage Sites

Location of sites

Tentative List

The Tentative List is an inventory of important heritage and natural sites that a country is considering for inscription on the World Heritage List. The Tentative List can be updated at any time, but inclusion on the list is a prerequisite to being considered for inscription.


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