Wapasha (III) (''wáȟpe šá'') (ca. 1816–1876) was a Mdewakanton (Dakota Sioux) chief, also known as Joseph Wapasha. ''Chief Wa-pa-sha'', (''The Standard'', or “''Red Leaf'',”) signed the 1851 and 1858USA Treaty with the Sioux, 1858 — Mendawakanton and Wahpahoota Bands, ''Wa-bash-aw, his x mark.'' http://digital.library.okstate.edu/kappler/Vol2/treaties/sio0781.htm treaties that ceded the southern half of what is now the state of Minnesota to the United States. These land sales began the removal of his band to the reservation on the Minnesota River, then removal from Minnesota to Crow Creek Reservation in Dakota Territory, then lastly to the Santee Reservation in Nebraska, where the last chief Wabasha died.


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Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition: Chiefs: Chief Wapasha III c. 1816 – April 23, 1876, excerpted from: "Explorers found hills, valleys alive with Indians," Steve Kerns, ''Winona Sunday News'', 14 november 1976grave of Chief Wabasha, III
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