The International Auxiliary Language Association, Inc. (IALA) was an American organisation founded in 1924 to "promote widespread study, discussion and publicity of all questions involved in the establishment of an auxiliary language, together with research and experiment that may hasten such establishment in an intelligent manner and on stable foundations." Although it was created to determine which auxiliary language of a wide field of contenders was best suited for international communication, it eventually determined that none of them was up to the task and developed its own language,
Interlingua Interlingua (; ISO 639 language codes ia, ina) is an international auxiliary language (IAL) developed between 1937 and 1951 by the American International Auxiliary Language Association (IALA). It ranks among the most widely used IALs and is ...
. The IALA continued to publish materials in and about Interlingua until 1953, when its activities were taken up by the new Interlingua Division of
Science Service Society for Science, formerly known as Science Service and later Society for Science and the Public, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of science, through its science education programs and publications, including ...
. The IALA was dissolved sometime after 1956.Esterhill, Frank, ''Interlingua Institute: A History''. New York: Interlingua Institute, 2000.


The logo of the IALA consists of 12 golden stars that circle around an image of the Earth. Inside the Earth, the letters "ia" is printed in bold, representing the first two letters of the name of the association. Finally, the phrase "interlingua de IALA" is depicted in a smaller, black typeface.

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