Cristoforo Buondelmonti (c. 1385 – c. 1430) was an
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Franciscan priest and traveler, and a pioneer in promoting first-hand knowledge of
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and its antiquities throughout the Western world.


Cristoforo Buondelmonti was born around 1385 into an important Florentine family. He was taught Greek by
Guarino da Verona Guarino Veronese or Guarino da Verona (1374 – December 14, 1460) was an early figure in the Italian Renaissance The Italian Renaissance ( it, Rinascimento ) was a period in Italian history The history of Italy covers the Ancient Period, t ...

Guarino da Verona
and received further education from Niccolò Niccoli, an influential Florentine humanist. By 1414 he had become a priest served as a rector of a church in Florence.Gothoni 2003 He left his native city around 1414 CE in order to travel, mainly in the
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. He visited
Constantinople la, Constantinopolis ota, قسطنطينيه , alternate_name = Byzantion (earlier Greek name), Nova Roma ("New Rome"), Miklagard/Miklagarth (Old Norse Old Norse, Old Nordic, or Old Scandinavian is a stage of development of North Germa ...

in the 1420s. He is the author of two historical-geographic works: the ''Descriptio insulae
'' (1417, in collaboration with Niccolò Niccoli) and the ''Liber insularum Archipelagi'' (1420). These two books are a combination of geographical information and contemporary charts and sailing directions. The last one contains the oldest surviving map of Constantinople, and the only one which antedates the
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conquest of the city in 1453. While travelling over the island of
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, he bought a Greek manuscript and brought back with him to Italy. This was the '' Hieroglyphica'' of
HorapolloHorapollo(from Horus Apollo; grc-gre, Ὡραπόλλων) is the supposed author of a treatise, titled ''Hieroglyphica'', on Egyptian hieroglyphs, extant in a Byzantine Greek language, Greek translation by one Philippus, dating to about the 5th cen ...
, which played a considerable role both in humanistic thinking and in art. File:Buondelmonti, Cristoforo – Liber insularum Arcipelagi, 16th-century – BEIC 14666142.jpg, ''Liber insularum Arcipelagi'', 16th-century manuscript. Paris,
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, Fonds latin.

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*The Buondelmonti, a noble family of
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