The Criminal Appeal Reports are a series of law reports of decisions of the Court of Criminal Appeal (England and Wales), Court of Criminal Appeal, the criminal division of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, Court of Appeal and the House of Lords from 15 May 1908 onwards. They are published by Sweet & Maxwell. Publication began in 1909 and have been edited by Daniel Janner since 1994. As of 2008, they were published ten times each year. For the purpose of case citation, citation, their name may be abbreviated to "Cr App R", or to "CAR". Glanville Williams criticised the layout of the index in each volume of these reports. Volume 1 contains, in addition to the reports, a copy of the Criminal Appeal Act 1907, sections 9(5) and (6) of the Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1908, the Criminal Appeal (Amendment) Act 1908, section 11 of the Prevention of Crime Act 1908 and section 99(6) of the Children Act 1908.Herman Cohen (Editor). The Criminal Appeal Reports with subject index, tables of cases and statutes cited, and the Criminal Appeal Act, 1907, and amending and extending Acts: Volume I. Stevens and Haynes. Bell Yard, Temple Bar, London. 1909. Pages xi to xxx.

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