The corpus of texts written in the Hittite language is indexed by the ''Catalogue des Textes Hittites'' (CTH, since 1971). The catalogue is only a classification of texts; it does not give the texts. One traditionally cites texts by their numbers in CTH. Major sources for studies of selected texts themselves are the books of the StBoT series and the online ''Textzeugnisse der Hethiter''.

CTH numbering scheme

The texts are classified as follows: *Historical Texts (CTH 1–220) *Administrative Texts (CTH 221–290) *Legal Texts (CTH 291–298) *Lexical Texts (CTH 299–309) *Literary Texts (CTH 310–320) *Mythological Texts (CTH 321–370) *Hymns and Prayers (CTH 371–389) *Ritual Texts (CTH 390–500) *Cult Inventory Texts (CTH 501–530) *Omen and Oracle Texts (CTH 531–582) *Vows (CTH 583–590) *Festival Texts (CTH 591–724) *Texts in Other Languages (CTH 725–830) *Texts of Unknown Type (CTH 831–833)

Selected texts

Some Wikipedia articles dedicated to specific Hittite texts follow. More are to be found as sections of other articles.

Old Kingdom

*Anitta text *Hittite military oath *Hittite laws *Myth of Illuyanka

New Kingdom

*Kikkuli's horse training instructions *Manapa-Tarhunda letter *Milawata letter *Song of Kumarbi *Story of Appu *Tawagalawa letter *Zita (Hittite prince)

See also

*Amarna letters *Ugaritic texts



* Gary M. Beckman, Harry A. Hoffner, ''Hittite diplomatic texts'', volume 7 of Writings from the ancient world, Scholars Press, 1999, .

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