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Boon (game) Boon is a trick-taking card game, based on the German card game Sheepshead (game), Sheepshead. It was released in 2015. Though the rules of Boon are analogous to those in the game Sheepshead, Boon uses a specialized deck which corresponds directly ...
, a trick-taking card game * ''Boon'' (novel), a 1915 satirical work by H. G. Wells * ''Boon'' (TV series), a British television series starring Michael Elphick * The Ultimate Boon, a stage in Joseph Campbell's
hero's journey In narratology Narratology is the study of narrative and narrative structure and the ways that these affect human perception. It is an anglicisation of French ''narratologie'', coined by Tzvetan Todorov (''Grammaire du Décaméron'', 1969). I ...
or monomyth



Boon (surname) Boon is a surname that can be of Dutch, Old French Old French (, , ; French language, Modern French: ) was the language spoken in Northern France from the 8th century to the 14th century. Rather than a unified Dialect#Dialect or language, langu ...
, a list of people with the surname Boon

Given name

Boon Gould Rowland Charles "Boon" Gould (4 March 1955 – 30 April 2019) was an English musician A musician is a person who Composer, composes, Conducting, conducts, or Performing arts, performs music. According to the United States Employment Servic ...
(1955–2019), English lead guitarist of Level 42 *
Boon Mark Gittisarn Boon Mark Gittisarn ( th, บุญมาก กิตติสาร; ; September 1, 1898 – May 20, 1987) was a 20th-century Protestantism in Thailand, Thai Protestant pastor and preacher who was influential in introducing Pentecostalism to Tha ...
(1898–1987), Thai Protestant pastor *
Boon Thau Loo Boon Thau Loo is a Singaporean-American computer scientist, university administrator, and businessperson. Loo is currently the RCA professor in the Computer and Information Science department at the University of Pennsylvania where he leads a resea ...
, Singaporean-American computer scientist *
Lim Boon Keng Lim Boon Keng OBE The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is a British order of chivalry An order of chivalry, order of knighthood, chivalric order, or equestrian order is an order of knights typically founded during or inspire ...
(1869–1957), Chinese doctor, social and educational reformer in China and Singapore


* Boon, a character in '' Black Water'', the fifth book in ''The Pendragon Adventure'' series by D. J. MacHale * Marukibi Boon, an Osamu Tezuka's Star System#Characters, Osamu Tezuka stock character


North America

* Boon, Michigan, United States ** Boon Township, Michigan * Boon, Ontario, United States * Boon Island, Maine, United States * Boon Point, Saint John, Antigua and Barbuda * Boon Township, Indiana, United States * Boon Lake Township, Minnesota, United States * Boones Mill, Virginia, United States (originally known as Boon Mill)


* Boon, Adwal, Somaliland * Boon (Pontus), Turkey, a town of ancient Pontus * Boon Farm, Scotland, United Kingdom

Other uses

* Boon Brewery, a Belgian brewery * Boon language, a nearly extinct East Cushitic language * Daihatsu Boon, a Japanese subcompact hatchback

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