Aeolian or Eolian refers to things related to Aeolus, the Greek God of wind and patriarch of the Greeks of Aeolia. Specific items include: * Aeolian Islands, islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea * Aeolian or Aeolic order, an early order of Classical architecture * Aeolian processes, wind-generated geologic processes * Aeolian dust, atmospheric or wind-borne dust * Aeolians, an ancient Greek tribe allegedly descended from Aeolus, son of Hellen * Eolian (Solar car), a solar car designed at the University of Chile * Eolianite, a sandstone formed from wind-transported sediment In music: * ''Aeolian'' (album), an album by German post-metal band The Ocean Collective * Aeolian Company (1887–1985), a maker of organs, pianos, sheet music, and phonographs * Aeolian Hall (disambiguation), any one of a number of concert halls of that name * Aeolian harp, a harp that is played by the wind * Aeolian mode, a musical mode, the natural minor key * Aeolian Quartet (1952–1981), a string quartet based in London * Aeolian-Skinner (1932–1972), pipe organ builder In other media: *''Eolian'', a volume of poetry by David Bates (poet) * The Eolian, a music venue and tavern in fantasy novel ''The Name of the Wind''

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* Aeolia (disambiguation) * Aeolic Greek, the Ancient Greek dialect of the Aeolians * Eolienne (also spelled aeolian), a lightweight fabric similar to poplin * Éolienne Bollée, a turbine worked by the wind {{disambiguation